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Things That Make You Go Hmmm…

This post is linked up over at Monday Listicles.   The prompt for today is things that make you go hmmm….

10 Things That Make Me Go Hmmm…

1. Complete lack of critical thinking.

2. Life after the Sun explodes.

3. Text messaging and driving 

4. Being humble.

5. Costumers who feel 12 gallons can be squeezed into 5 gallons.

6. Hoarding and other compulsive disorders.

7. Other people.

8. Trash TV.

9. Braille on drive up ATM’s

10. The immense power of our mind.

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10 Things That Make My Life Easier

Life isn’t always easy, but there are so many things that I’m happy for.  In fact, I had a hard time keeping this list short.

Here’s my list of the 10 things/people/services that make my life easier –

  1. My hubby – I’ve never met a kinder, more genuine person.  Beautiful inside and out.  Brings me hot chocolate, hides the marshmallows.
  2. Books – Keep me dreaming and make the world awesome.
  3. Music – I can’t function without music.  If I can’t play it I sing.  When I’m sad it makes me cry and I wallow in the blues.  When I’m happy it makes me laugh and I rejoice.  It is the nectar of the gods.  It is the language that transcends all bounds.  It makes it possible for me to concentrate and get stuff done.
  4. Sushi – Om nom nom.  I can eat this stuff every day.  Delicious.
  5. Friends – There when you need them good times or bad.
  6. Comedy – If you can’t laugh you are probably dead.
  7. Family – Sometimes crazy, sometimes wacky, but always loved.
  8. Manual transmission – Especially in a sporty, little roadster.  Zoom, zoom.
  9. The salon – Nothing beats how fabulous you feel after a cut and color.  And having your hair washed?  One of the best parts of the trip.  This is also something TOUGH to pull off easily at home.
  10. My dog – He’s always there for me. Woof!

That’s my list for Monday.  Go check out some of the other people on easy street at The Good Life.

Thanks, readers.  Later!

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10 Things I’d Rather Do Than Laundry

Today’s post is supposed to be a list of 10 things I’d rather do than clean, however I don’t mind cleaning.  Not that I do it too often or well.  But I loathe – absolutely and emphatically – LOATHE hanging and putting away the laundry.

My list of 10 things I’d rather do than laundry:

1. Read a book

2. Snuggle in bed with my honey

3. Horse back ride

4. Dance

5. Listen to music

6. Sing and act

7. Paint (a picture or the house)

8. Swim

9. Take a Sunday drive

10. Host or attend a gathering of family or friends

One of these days, I’ll hire someone to do the laundry for me.  Until then, the laundry mountains multiply like Tribbles and the dryer serves as a laundry storage device.

Two chores I don’t mind?  Doing the dishes and cutting the grass.

Today’s post is brought to you by the folks at Prestige, makers of Comet, Spic and Span, and all those products I don’t use, and by the letter T.

This post is linked up over at The Good Life as part of the Monday Listicles.  Go.  Read.  Find out how other people are weaseling their way out of housework.