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Stream of Consciousness Sunday: Munchkin Land

We went to play games with some other couples at a friend’s house today.  Both The Guru and I love games.  He’s more into arcade and video games than I, but we both enjoy games, whether card games, board games, or video games.  I even used to skip class in college to stay and play Spades with other Honor’s students.  *shhh*

At the beginning of the day everything was running pretty smoothly.  We played a couple new games including Pirate Fluxx, Saboteur, and Werewolf.  We also recently acquired Munchkin, some expansions, and some variants (Superhero, Space, etc.) for a pittance and wanted to try it out since we haven’t played that before.  One guy had played a lot of these games and helped explain the rules to us newbies.

We laughed.  We ate junk food.  We joked.  Then I started to notice rules guy was turning into a complete tool.  We’re pretty casual players and we engage in a lot of side talk, taunts, and general ribbing while gaming.  No way was this guy into that.

When it finally came time for some of us to learn to play Munchkin, including the person hosting this event at their home, things went down hill fast.  First, Mr. Grumpy Pants didn’t seem to want to play at all.  Second, Mr. Grumpy Pants seemed particularly grumpy that I was attempting to twist the rules to my advantage (which I was told was the way you play the game).  Or at least, Mr. Grumps was fine with rule twisting in HIS favor.  It all came to a head when I started to play a card then changed my mind and Hubs and our host both played something instead.

This guy had to try to tell my husband off for my misplay that he apparently was “taking advantage of”.  BTW, this was close to when Jerk-Face was going to win.  Umm, chill out dude, we’re still learning how to play.  When Hubs basically told him to back off (and so did the host) he then had to try and school Hubs as to how he wasn’t paying attention when the rules were being explained.  I’m proud to say that Hubs didn’t back down, and I controlled my – what normally would have been – extremely vicious reaction and took the higher road.

The game broke up after that and Mr. Sore Sport and posse left.  We stayed and talked to the host.  I demanded he not invite the jerk back to game night again to which he agreed.  I can see that Munchkin would be a fun game with a friendly group, but today as a poor introduction to Munchkin Land.

munchkin board game


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Looking Forward to May

April was the month of sickness, musicals, too many social engagements, and tiredness.  Bless you May since so far *knock on wood* you have not made me sick.

I’m sitting at my house waiting for a good friend of mine who’s visiting from Seattle to come pick me up.  Then we’re off to eat some sushi and bang around for a bit before heading over to Orlando for the weekend.  Hubs is meeting us at the hotel later today, and tomorrow we’ll all be going to another friend’s wedding.

I can’t wait for the wedding because it’s going to be a spectacularly geeky occasion.  It’s a costume wedding with the bridal party in none other than Klingon garb.  The funniest thing about this wedding has been trying to convince my husband that it truly WAS a costume event.  Ever since we got the save the date card I’ve been asking him about his costume.  His reply was usually along the lines of “What? This can’t be a costumed event.” or “I’m not dressing up in costume; it’s a wedding.” or some such.

He kept on this way even after the Klingon inspired invitation arrived.

Finally, something clicked after a phone call with my friend from Seattle when I told him she had offered to loan him her Klingon command cloak.  Not sure why that should have done the job, but it did.  Finally!  He believed.  Then it was – we’ve got to find costumes ASAP, seriously, QUICK…ah, husbands.  SO FUNNY.

*Note – I meant to post this on Friday but my friend arrived right before I could finish.  So here you are a few days late.  And I will post up wedding pics in another post soon.

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Stream of Consciousness Sunday: Party On Dude

Sunday wrap up.  Holy cow.  It’s been an interesting weekend.

I wanted to have a party last night so I invited a few friends over.  Yesterday, hubby and I are driving around doing errands and such – grocery store, goodwill, party city – when disaster struck.  In one of the stores, I dropped a bag that he thrust at me really quickly.  I didn’t get a good grip and it went crashing to the floor and the new hurricane I bought for my party broke.  Not sure why this was the straw that broke me, but I stood there in the line and just cried.  He was over buying something else and the checkout ladies had to help me calm down.   It was such a little thing that just really turned into a big thing.

Then we do a great job of getting the house ready and we wait for people to show.  When people are supposed to be arriving I have a panic attack and another crying fit saying stuff like – I have no friends and nobody wants to come to my party so why do I bother?

*sigh*  This stuff is not true.  I have friends.  I don’t have as many as I used to maybe, but when you get married it’s different.

Anyway, so finally people start showing and it ends up that we have about ten people at the house, which I think was just enough.  We spent most of the evening sitting around the firepit and talking.  I even invited our harmonica playing neighbor over for a bit.  I was really surprised when he took me up on the offer I had yelled to him from my backyard.  His response – Let me put some clothes on.

Unfortunately, The Guru ended up drinking way too much and was still being violently ill today at noon.  Poor guy!

Overall though, I had a great party and I’m really hoping I can leave these weird depressed and crying episodes behind some day.


This was my 5 minute Stream of Consciousness Sunday post. It’s five minutes of your time and a brain dump. Want to try it? Here are the rules…

  • Set a timer and write for 5 minutes only.
  • Write an intro to the post if you want but don’t edit the post. No proofreading or spellchecking. This is writing in the raw.
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When Harry Met Sally and Tradition

As the weather changes from blazing hot to only slightly hot, I seek out my traditional autumn movie, When Harry Met Sally.  I wait for the first cold snap of the year (or what passes for cold in this southern state) before I break it out for the annual viewing.  I also prefer to watch it before the holidays.  Why?


I’ve been watching this once a year for most of the last twelve or thirteen years.  There are a few missed years, but not many.  I think it’s an amazingly well crafted movie and it makes me laugh every time.  As an actor, I love to watch the interaction and evolution of the two leading characters.  There’s nothing mushy or overly dramatic just two people that respect and like each other discovering something deeper.

There are also so many iconic moments and pieces of dialogue in the film…low maintenance vs. high maintenance (I’m the worst kind), the angel of death, the orgasm scene, Mr. Zero…just to name a few.  I also love the flashback I get from seeing the progression of clothing and hair styles through the years.

I’ve watched it alone, with boyfriends, and with my husband over the years.  A couple years ago I discovered a good friend of mine also loved the movie and we started watching it together last year with another friend of ours.

Tonight we watched while enjoying some delicious dinner from the Taco Bus.

Ah, tradition!

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Hard Rockin’

Friday night I went out with some friends to eat dinner and do some gambling at the Seminole Hard Rock.  We were celebrating my friend’s birthday in style.

That’s right, whales coming through people…step aside…step aside.

My friend decided to eat at Rock N’ Raw, the rock n’ roll sushi joint on the second floor.

Light fixture with bubbles and rainbow colored rods

On the way upstairs to the restaurant I noticed this gorgeous piece of architecture.  I absolutely love it!  I have a small obsession with bubbles, and the iridescent rods just add to the overall gorgeousness of the piece.

Did this serve as the inspiration for one of Lady Gaga’s infamous outfits?

I arrived at the restaurant a few minutes late and everyone else had already ordered.  The group was sitting at a large, communal-style table made for about 30 people.  Our group probably took up about half this table.

Here’s where the story gets interesting.  Unknown to us, this restaurant prides itself on refusing diners chairs and/or letting them order.

Weird behavior for a restaurant, RIGHT?  Riiiight.

Our waiter, Fred**, was darting and dashing around like a butterfly.  When he finally noticed I had arrived I was told something about how I couldn’t have a seat because other people were waiting.  The first time he said this it was at 5 miles an hour mumbled under his breath as he was passing us.  Being a bit slow that day I was oblivious and still trying to flag down Fred and get a chair while my friend was patting her chair and talking about how we could share.  I spied a couple empty chairs and sweet talked two Chinese gentlemen out of one of them.

Phase One – Collect chairs

Phase Two – ??

Phase Three – Profit

Phase One accomplished, we then ask for a menu and receive one along with another garbled protest about my chair, people waiting, etc.  I’m thinking, man, I fought and won my chair in the heated Battle of Charm and Chairs, shouldn’t I have earned the right to order?  Fred then alludes to the fact that this is the manager’s decision.  Woah!  Stop the presses!!

Fred, can you really be serious about this?  If so, this is the craziest restaurant policy I know.  I ask to see the manager then instead – as I’ve just spotted them – walk over to have a “nice” chat.  After a few minutes discussion with the manager, with Fred still hovering like a butterfly and mumbling about people waiting, the manager decides it’s cool for me to have a chair and more importantly part with a little of my hard-earned greenbacks by ordering food.

Fred became my new best friend.  My food came out lightning fast.  My drink was always full.  Now that’s more like it.

Friends at the Hard Rock Casino

The group proceeded downstairs for some hot 2¢ slot action where Karma prevailed.  Phase Three was achieved when I won over $400 on the slots.  This was a far, FAR cry from my original goal of only losing $25 for a few hours of entertainment.



**names have been changed to protect the not-so-innocent.


I’m Telling Mom!

This past weekend I had the bittersweet joy of celebrating the going away of a dear friend of mine.  He’s chosen to make a new start thousands of miles away on the other coast.  I miss him already!

Strangely, since we met I always felt that I knew this person much better than time spent together could account for.  After a few meetings we decided that we must be brother and sister from another life as that was the only way to explain the instant comraderie.  Working off this theme, we would always tease each other that we would tell Mom on the other for their outlandish behavior.

I’ll miss you, my bro!  Be good or I’ll tell Mom on you!