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The Meeting Planning Maze

One thing I’ve discovered in the last few hectic, crazy months: event planning is NOT easy!

I’m planning and organizing a show in the Orlando area for arcade, pinball and gaming.

Starting off this adventure I made the discovery that not only do meeting/event planners speak a foreign language they also have their own secret society of service providers.

For example, that space where you have cocktails and hors d’oeuvres before an event?  It’s called “pre-function” space.



As in – before the function. 

SO-ooooo clever.

However, I learned the hard way that you will not be taken seriously if you don’t know the language.

Drawing of Babel Fish
Employ Babel Fish if needed

Another example – who knew that meeting rooms don’t come wired for electricity?  That’s right.  Don’t try walking into a meeting room and plugging stuff in.  The circuits in there don’t power much more than a hair dryer.

Instead the true circuits are installed AND un-installed after each customer.

As this “service” is provided by a third-party and not the hotel I see it as an ingenious monopoly designed to suck as much money out of customers as possible (coff coff….rip…coff…coff…off).  This opinion may be what caused the electric company representative I was speaking with to declare “I was too difficult to deal with” and hang up.

Difficult?!  DIFFICULT!! **takes 10 calming breaths**

Relaxation Exercise Picture
Breathe in, count to three, breathe out


Another example – Interacting with many of the hotel sales staff was akin to dealing with the Keystone Cops.  Some still haven’t answered my emails or calls from months ago, despite clearly asking me on my request for proposal the cutoff date for booking the event.   What an odd and disappointing response from a team of sales “professionals”.

Despite the learning curve, drama, monopolies, hang ups, haggling of prices and slow response, I successfully booked the event!

Picture Field of Dreams
If you build it, they will come!

I even managed to wrangle the price of electric (a critical part of the event) to a reasonable (if still fairly high) rate.

I’m excited and nervous about the event.  Will people attend?  Will they like it?

I don’t really subscribe to the Field of Dreams theory of event planning so I have been plugging this shamelessly on Facebook, through email, ads, twitter and everything else I can think of.

Readers – check out the show website at  Spread the word!  More importantly, attend if you’re in the area.

See you at the show!


RSVP for the Event at

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The Mega

Saturday after working in the morning I popped over to MegaCon in Orlando.  I love going to conventions!  Like a true geek, I feel weird when the convention is over and I look around and see people not wearing costumes.  Why are all these people dressed in….jeans….and…t-shirts?  Now that’s weird.

Anyway – the convention – I went with my friends Nick and Kaye.  I dressed up like a character, Rockie Rocket, from my friend Nick’s novel.  We walked around doing some promotion for his series of three novels and looking for a model for his main character, Moonie, since the model he used before is no longer able to do it.

This is more challenging than you would think.

ME: Hello, beautiful lady with large bosoms.  My friend, comic-artist, and novelist is looking for a model.  I think you would be a great one.

LADY: What, umm…

ME: I promise you it is not skeevy at all.

LADY: My Dad only lets me out of the house for conventions.

ME: Great, an under 18 geek. *sigh*

Seriously, my friend is the sweetest, nicest gentleman and we did get a couple of people who were interested.  I hope one of the ladies we spoke to can do the modeling.  We’ll see!

Here’s some of the photos that I took at the convention.  I also included a few taken by Nick and my friend Kaye.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Head on over to my friend Kaye’s site for even more great photos from the convention –

There was also a cheer competition at the convention center making for some interesting moments.

SCANTILY CLAD CHEER 8 YEAR OLD: Excuse me, is that your real hair?

ME (while wearing purple wig): Absolutely.  100% natural.

All the rug-rats running around in skin-tight outfits led to some discussion as to whether young girls should be dressed in micro-mini skirts with bare midriffs.  I couldn’t argue against it seeing as how back in the day I had been in dance and color-guard.

Been there, done that.  Hello, skin-tight red spandex uniform.

These days, after getting older and missing out on too many gym appointments, I know which parts need to be covered when in costume.  But I don’t think my days of dance and skimpy costumes created any long-term negative consequences.  In fact, I would like to think that I gained an understanding of what looks good and WHAT DOES NOT.  Note to old guard instructor – satiny, gold palazzo pants with a gold crushed-velvet and sequined top will ALWAYS be on the  “What Not To Wear List” ’cause nobody, and I mean nobody, looks good in that.

Enough said.