The List

Things to cross off before I kick it!

1. Learn French – learned it but need to brush up

2. Martial arts

3. Ballroom dancing

4. Learn guitar – working on this using Rocksmith (thanks hon!)

5. Singing lessons

6. Act in play/musical

7. Travel

8. Open boutique with recycled artwork/home decor and environmentally friendly goods

9. White water rafting

10. Run a marathon – does a 5K count?

11. Learn Japanese

12. Climb Mt. Kilamanjaro while listening to Africa by Toto.

13.  Visit each continent at least once.

14. Bungee jump

15. Sell a painting/artwork

16. Record an album

17. Swim with sharks

18. Visit Bali

19. Eat gelato in Italy

20. Attend the Olympics

21. Bathe in the Dead Sea.

22. Participate in the Olympics

23. Play a gig with a band

24. Relearn Moonlight Sonata

25. Get my heart broken

26. Break someone’s heart

27.  Yoga

28. Horse back riding

29. Ballet

30. Learn to clog

31. Visit the castle from Rocky Horror Picture Show

32. Perform at Carnegie Hall

33. Travel the Serengeti

34.  See the Southern Cross

35.  Watch the Aurora Borealis

36. Walk on a glacier

37. Stay in an ice hotel

38.  Visit Christ the Redeemer statue

39. Go to Mardi Gras

40. Go to Macy’s Day Parade

41. Visit New York City

42. See the Space Needle

43. Star in a Broadway show

44. Ride in a hot air balloon

45. Create a painting in Paris

46. Spend a month backpacking in Europe

47. Join the Peace Corps

48. Surf in Hawaii

49.  See the Vatican

50. Visit England

51.  See the white cliffs of Dover

52. Rock climb

53. Go paragliding

54. Write a novel

55. Have article published

56.  Do a loop in a bi-plane.

57.  Sky dive

58.  See the Harlem Globetrotters live

59. Snorkel – snorkeled with sting rays and petted them

60.  Scuba dive – just bought scuba classes

61.  Visit each state of the U.S.

62. Shoot a gun

63. Learn to be patient

64. Stand on the Grand Canyon Skywalk

65. White water raft Grand Canyon

66. Chase a tornado

67. Ride the Orient Express.  Try to avoid a murder while on the Orient Express.

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