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Thank You, Thank You Very Much

For your reading pleasure, my Tuesday edition of Monday Listicles.

A few days ago I visited the tremendous site of Gala Darling with it’s emphasis on Love and Gratitude.  Today, I made my first gratitude list.  In perfect harmony, for this week’s list we were asked to make a list of 10 thanks.

Universe, I marvel at your amazing synchronicity!

Penguin holding a sign that says Thank You!

10 Way To Say Thanks!

1. Tell someone how much you appreciate what they have done for you.

2. Send a snail mail letter. It’s so much better than getting bills in the mail.

3. Give a hug.

4. Draw them a picture.

5. Take your favorite person out to lunch.

6. Surprise them with a goodie basket.

7. Take them on a surprise journey.

8. Create a memory book of all the ways they have inspired or helped you.

9. Offer to walk their dog, do the dishes, or mow their yard.

10. Throw a surprise party for them.

What have you done to show someone how much you appreciate them?  Share in the comments if you like!



A Chance To Say Thanks

I walked into a coffee shop today and saw a man sitting at a table.  A man I’d been thinking about last night while paring down my collection of business cards.  A man that I worked with for years at an extremely dysfunctional business.  A man whom, despite the occasional work-related butting of heads, I liked.  While we didn’t hang out on the weekends or become bosom buddies, we did develop a mutual respect and a good working relationship.

A little back story – this gentleman’s company provided IT service for my old workplace.  Unfortunately, his contract was cancelled abruptly and the company less than a year later hired some of his employees directly to provide the same service for us.  It was underhanded, shady and entirely inappropriate.  Admittedly, this gentleman had a lot of room for growth and learning in his chosen vocation.  There were many times when I had it out with his underlings knowing full well that what I was asking them to do was in the realm of possibility while being told by them that it was not (I’m not a guru but I’m not technology illiterate either).  However, the way in which he was treated shocked me and a lot of others at the company.

I hadn’t seen him in years, but I’m glad I chanced to meet him today.  When I really needed a hand, he was willing to help.  Years back, my husband had been laid off unexpectedly for the 2nd time in three years.  This was part and parcel of the type of business he was in at the time.  I went to this gentleman and asked if he could hire on my husband even part-time.  After laying out my husband’s strengths in IT, he hired him.  Today, I had the chance to thank him again for that kindness.  A kindness that helped my husband to make a new start in a field that he really enjoys.

Who would you thank if you could?  An old friend?  Lover?  Former co-worker?  Don’t wait.  Reach out to them now and let them know you’re grateful for all their help.

Picture of Thank You key
Thanking you very much!