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Too Much Bad News

You all know the old saying.  When there’s bad news there’s a lot of bad news.

Oh.  That’s not the saying?

Well, it’s close, eh?

My friend’s Dad is in the hospital in intensive care again.  He’s been progressively improving since October when he had a spot that could have turned into an aneurism.  He was in rehab, but is now back in the hospital in bad shape.  I hate to see my friend so unhappy!  This is too much stress.  Stress not good.  Stress does NOT make anyone a happy camper.

Another acquaintance’s husband passed away last week.  While, I can’t say that I was ever on the best terms with her, and sometimes even wanted to strangle her for her weird passive-agressive nature, I worked with her for a number of years and know that she was really devoted to her husband.  It’s a blow that I wouldn’t wish on anyone.  Friend.  Enemy.  Or frenemy.

Last, but certainly not least, my husband’s cousin had a stroke.  I found this out while we were waiting for his Dad to go into surgery for his knee.  Only 26.  Just married.  Just graduated and started working as a nurse maybe a year ago.  Tragedy.  Shock and dismay.  A massive bleed.  Deep in her brain.  First thing I think?  It’s almost better that she doesn’t wake up.  I think this, but knowing that some people already see me as a cold-hearted witch try to refrain from saying it out loud.  I just know that I wouldn’t want to live out the rest of my days unable to move, talk or really do anything.

Quality. Of. Life.  That’s all I’m saying.

These and some other things are the reason I’m saying – enough is enough already.  No.  More.  Bad.  News.

Alright, universe?


and thank you

with whipped cream

and cherries on top

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Harry Potter and the Ride of Doom

I spent Black Friday enjoying Universal Islands of Adventure with Antebellum and the cousins.  I really love a good theme park and I was having an excellent time until I encountered this:

Yep, that’s right…Harry Potter and the Ride of Doom.

One ride to puke them all

One ride to blind them

One ride to bring them all

And in the darkness inflict motion sickness on them

To be fair to Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey –

1) I did ride this last month with no incident other than having to close my eyes for a few moments when it got a bit too intense.

2) I am prone to motion sickness.  Unfortunately, this has been getting worse as I get older.

Perhaps, my reaction had something to do with riding the Dragon Challenge three times in a row with Cousin M&M just prior to this.  Maybe, I was simply foolish (who, me?) to attempt riding this monster a second time in one day.  Or it could have just been my “lucky” day.

Whatever the reason, I was struck with horrible and debilitating motion sickness after my second jaunt on the Ride of Doom.

For the better part of two hours, I could only sit at a table looking at the ground while slowly eating saltines provided by Antebellum (I love you!) as my brain rattled and my eyes felt like they were going to burst out of my skull.  (Some of you probably would have gotten a kick out of that bit)

Unfortunately, throwing myself into the fires of Mount Doom to end the agony was out of the question.

After what seemed like an eternity, I was able to hobble toward the front of the park.  Since I couldn’t look up, left, or right, I had to be led by the hand like a blind woman.  Make way for Grammy!

May ye be warned.