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Stream of Consciousness Sunday: Opa!

I went for a run today.  The first Day of Couch to 5k.  It really didn’t seem so bad.  I used the app on my work phone and it does a good job of easing you into things.  I got back and was hot and sweaty, but not nearly as winded as I imagined I would be.  Now, I just need to keep it up for the next few weeks and I’ll be well on my way to being a pseudo-runner.  Haha…we’ll see how that goes…

We took the in-laws out to see the Avengers at one of those dine and watch theaters today.  They are SUPER spoiled, but it’s our fault for introducing them to the dining theaters in the first place.  This kind of theater is the only one they want to go to now.

Last night we went out with some friends to a Greek restaurant for “theme night” and then invited everyone to the house.  We like to pick a theme and go eat and watch a movie or play a game or something that ties in with the theme.  I tried my best to dance with the belly dancer, but it was so awkward.  I had to laugh (and I’m sure lots of other people were too) because while I’m not a bad dancer, and in fact have been a good dancer in a previous life, I am NOT a belly dancer.  These hips do not move like that!

Sadly, two of the friends we went out with will be leaving soon to move to a new state.  My husband’s friend is in the military and getting reassigned.  I guess this was kind of like a farewell party for them as I’m not sure we’ll have too many more chances to go out with them before the move.

Tomorrow, I look forward to shooting another scene for the short film I’m acting in.  The cast and crew so far have been SO super.  Fun.  Professional.  Amazing.

That’s all for today, folks!


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NaBloPoMo 2011

NaBloPoMo Begins

NaBloPoMo Begins.

Is it:

A – a tropical disease

B – an arduous challenge

C – extreme dietary cheese deficiency

D – ultra hip architectural firm and lounge

Multiple Choice with chicken
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Correct answer?

B – an arduous challenge.

NaBloPoMo, which stands for National Blog Posting Month, celebrated round the world in November, has just kicked off.  I read about NaBloPoMo late yesterday evening and decided right away to sign up.  It’s an arduous challenge for any blogger and more so for a blog poster like me whose posts have recently become about as frequent as Halley’s Comet.

Picture of halley's comet passing near a planet

The challenge comes at a perfect time.  My first blog post was made last September.  I take up the NaBloPoMo gauntlet in honor of one year and in hope of breaking through the mental challenges I’ve had recently that have blocked my attempt at timely and consistent blogging.  I look forward to rising to this challenge and getting my posts and blog back on track.

Wish me luck.  I’ll see you tomorrow!

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