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Hello World Part 2

Hello World.  Part Deux.

How have ya’ll been?


It’s November and November means NaBloPoMo so I’m giving this blogging thing another shot.  I almost didn’t write this post; I’m terrible at blogging on a consistent basis so why start?  Reasons that have been floating around in my head to give blogging another shot:

1) Somewhere deep in my soul I really missed blogging.

2) I’ve been overthinking EVERYTHING and way too entrenched in my own mind.  I’m hoping getting stuff out there can help.

3) My introvert / extrovert struggle is real.  I’m sure there are many, many people out there who love interacting online.  I’m not often one of them.  Online life is one that quite often brings on feelings of fear, trepidation, and unease.

fear cat

My previous blogging streak let me feel a bit more comfortable with sharing online thus here I am giving it another try.

After all, what doesn’t kill me might make me stronger.



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10 Things That Make My Life Easier

Life isn’t always easy, but there are so many things that I’m happy for.  In fact, I had a hard time keeping this list short.

Here’s my list of the 10 things/people/services that make my life easier –

  1. My hubby – I’ve never met a kinder, more genuine person.  Beautiful inside and out.  Brings me hot chocolate, hides the marshmallows.
  2. Books – Keep me dreaming and make the world awesome.
  3. Music – I can’t function without music.  If I can’t play it I sing.  When I’m sad it makes me cry and I wallow in the blues.  When I’m happy it makes me laugh and I rejoice.  It is the nectar of the gods.  It is the language that transcends all bounds.  It makes it possible for me to concentrate and get stuff done.
  4. Sushi – Om nom nom.  I can eat this stuff every day.  Delicious.
  5. Friends – There when you need them good times or bad.
  6. Comedy – If you can’t laugh you are probably dead.
  7. Family – Sometimes crazy, sometimes wacky, but always loved.
  8. Manual transmission – Especially in a sporty, little roadster.  Zoom, zoom.
  9. The salon – Nothing beats how fabulous you feel after a cut and color.  And having your hair washed?  One of the best parts of the trip.  This is also something TOUGH to pull off easily at home.
  10. My dog – He’s always there for me. Woof!

That’s my list for Monday.  Go check out some of the other people on easy street at The Good Life.

Thanks, readers.  Later!

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Top Ten Posts of 2011

Happy New Year, Readers!

In honor of the end of 2011, I want to share my favorite posts from the year.  I’m really proud of the progress I’ve made with blogging.  Yes, sometimes I still hesitate to post things because I don’t want to sound stupid or I second-guess myself before hitting that post button, but I’ve become much more comfortable with sharing my thoughts, which is a huge step in a positive direction.

If you’ve already read my Top Ten for 2011 – thanks!  If you haven’t, here they are in all their glory:

Devastation and Redemption


Cloning Myself


Owning the Geek Life


Man’s Best Friend


Darkness Deep


Case of the Mondays


A Chance Encounter


One Sentence Wonder


A Childhood Prank


There Once Was A Girl


Enjoy and I’ll see you tomorrow!

NaBloPoMo 2011

NaBloPoMo Begins

NaBloPoMo Begins.

Is it:

A – a tropical disease

B – an arduous challenge

C – extreme dietary cheese deficiency

D – ultra hip architectural firm and lounge

Multiple Choice with chicken
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Correct answer?

B – an arduous challenge.

NaBloPoMo, which stands for National Blog Posting Month, celebrated round the world in November, has just kicked off.  I read about NaBloPoMo late yesterday evening and decided right away to sign up.  It’s an arduous challenge for any blogger and more so for a blog poster like me whose posts have recently become about as frequent as Halley’s Comet.

Picture of halley's comet passing near a planet

The challenge comes at a perfect time.  My first blog post was made last September.  I take up the NaBloPoMo gauntlet in honor of one year and in hope of breaking through the mental challenges I’ve had recently that have blocked my attempt at timely and consistent blogging.  I look forward to rising to this challenge and getting my posts and blog back on track.

Wish me luck.  I’ll see you tomorrow!

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