About Me, Friends, NaBloPoMo 2017

Dancing Through Life

I spent this evening at the Gulfport Casino dancing at the weekly swing dance and celebrating my friend’s birthday.   Light socializing and dancing really hit the spot and got my mind off trouble, real or imagined, for awhile.  I came a little late to the party and missed the lesson for foxtrot.  I did get there with enough time to learn the basic swing steps and some turns.  We made a big circle and practiced each move for a few tries with one partner before moving on to another partner.  You could tell pretty quickly which gentlemen were regulars and which ones were beginners, but everyone was very convivial and patient with the newbies like me.

I haven’t been dancing – ballroom dancing – in years.  While the Guru and I were dating we attended dance lessons in West Coast Swing for a few months with my Mom and my Aunt.  Unfortunately, the Guru not only has two left feet but also CANNOT hear the downbeat.  Our old dance instructor used to try so hard to get him to notice it and never succeeded.  Poor guy can’t even clap in rhythm.  Instead, he watches my hands at concerts when everyone in the crowd joins in and claps along by watching me.  Even though it had been years since I’ve participated in any kind of ballroom dance I did feel that I picked up on it rather quickly.  The more practice the smoother you get and the more “moves” you can learn.  A sincere thank you to all those guys who were my dance partners this evening.  Overall, a fun night and I hope that I can do more dancing soon!

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