About Me, NaBloPoMo 2017

Hello World Part 2

Hello World.  Part Deux.

How have ya’ll been?


It’s November and November means NaBloPoMo so I’m giving this blogging thing another shot.  I almost didn’t write this post; I’m terrible at blogging on a consistent basis so why start?  Reasons that have been floating around in my head to give blogging another shot:

1) Somewhere deep in my soul I really missed blogging.

2) I’ve been overthinking EVERYTHING and way too entrenched in my own mind.  I’m hoping getting stuff out there can help.

3) My introvert / extrovert struggle is real.  I’m sure there are many, many people out there who love interacting online.  I’m not often one of them.  Online life is one that quite often brings on feelings of fear, trepidation, and unease.

fear cat

My previous blogging streak let me feel a bit more comfortable with sharing online thus here I am giving it another try.

After all, what doesn’t kill me might make me stronger.



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