Holidays, NaBloPoMo 2011

Let The Decorating Commence

Decorating has commenced.  The tree is down from the attic and put together.  While standing on the ladder to the attic trying to decide which bag (or bags) had all the bits to the “big” tree this happened:

Me: Do you remember which bag has the big tree in it?

Hubby: You know what would be nice?

Me: What?

Hubby: Going to the store and buying another tree instead of wrestling one of those down.

The scary thing about this is that I was thinking something along those lines before he said it.  The even scarier thing – we did this one year.  We bought a really skinny, super cheap tree that was about three feet tall rather than wrestle the larger tree down from the attic.  Problem?  Solved.

Right now my arms itch from fluffing the limbs, the top of the tree is listing because I had to use tape to get the top and bottom piece to stay together, and the middle section of lights is out (it’s a pre-lighted tree).  I have no idea how a tree can break itself in the attic.  I blame the ancient aliens.

See you all tomorrow!


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To The Winner Goes the Cupcakes

My cupcake decorating experience up to now involved slathering icing on them and dousing with a few sprinkles as a kid.  Therefore, I was elated that my cupcake won in the “Scariest Cupcake” category at my work’s recent Cupcake Wars.

cupcake with skull, vampire and headstone

I endured some gentle ribbing from co-workers for bringing a big bag of stuff from home for the decorating.  What do you mean I’m competitive?  Competitive how?  Like I want to pulverize the competition?*

(I mean…*coff coff*…I simply want to be the best at what I do.)

I love food and the chance to use my hands, get messy and create something.  Creating this was SO much FUN!  I even grabbed some “blood” I had made for a cosplay last year and drizzled it over the graveyard for that extra touch of horror.

One of the “Scariest Cupcake” runners-up:

The winner in the “Most Creative” category:

alien made of cupcakes
We Come in Peace

I love how this person cut their cupcakes and stacked them to create the alien. 

At home later that night, I created a cupcake decorating station for hubby with some of the left overs from work.  As a consultant, he doesn’t get a chance to participate in fun activities at work, which he lamented when I messaged him that I had won.  We’ve had some really rocky times in our relationship lately.  I thought it would be nice to surprise him with something fun.  He was surprised and touched and had a blast decorating his cupcakes.  Wow, a relationship building moment over cupcakes.  Sweet.  Or sweets!

Decorated any cupcakes recently?  Were they “scary”?  Or Cake Wrecks scary? (Man, I love that site!)  Feel free to share!

*(For those that haven’t seen Goodfellas watch here…NSFW!)

Hard Core Decor, Painting of the Month

Painting of the Month: April and May 2011

Do you want the good news or the bad news first?

*flips coin*

Hmmm…bad news first then.

The bad news?


There is no painting of the month for April or May.

The good news?

I repainted the living and dining room of my home including the ceilings and walls.  I’ve included a picture of the remodeling project to whet your curiosity about my mad house-painting skillz.


Picture of Dining Room
Dining Room Before

This is before the new paint color, but after the new light fixture was installed.  Nightcrawler is also not yet back in his usual place on top of the light fixture to guard the house.


Picture of TV Shelf
Ekby in Action

Picture showing New Trim Color and Floor
New Trim Color and Flooring
Picture of Pantry Door and Wall
Pantry Door and Wall Color
Dining Room Picture
Dining Room
My husband and I are both fond of bold, bright colors for our walls.  Our master bedroom is kelly green (the kind you see on a pool table), the hallway a purple I mixed myself from oops paints, and the guest bathroom Tiffany-blue (or the closest I could find to the trademarked color).

While discussing colors hubby says, “Let’s go with something neutral.”  I’m a little surprised, but I agree and head off to the Orange Store to peruse samples.  After hemming and hawing over the neutrals I pick out a brown/taupe and head back home.  I also already own a few gallons of just slightly cream oops paint that may work out.

While my hubby is in another room, I paint on squares of the samples in our kitchen and living room.   Unusual behavior for sure, I normally just pick a color and slap it on, but I think, “Hey, I’m progressing.  I am becoming a Deck-o-raitor, a true artiste!”

Hubby comes out from the bedroom, stands still for a moment then states emphatically, “I hate brown.”

OH.  MY.

What’s even funnier?  A few hours later he declares that the brown is growing on him.

That’s great, Mr. Let’s-Do-A-Neutral, ’cause I’ve already decided I’m proceeding with the taupe rather than the cream.

I do love the new color, even if it IS a neutral.