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Top Ten Posts of 2011

Happy New Year, Readers!

In honor of the end of 2011, I want to share my favorite posts from the year.  I’m really proud of the progress I’ve made with blogging.  Yes, sometimes I still hesitate to post things because I don’t want to sound stupid or I second-guess myself before hitting that post button, but I’ve become much more comfortable with sharing my thoughts, which is a huge step in a positive direction.

If you’ve already read my Top Ten for 2011 – thanks!  If you haven’t, here they are in all their glory:

Devastation and Redemption

Cloning Myself

Owning the Geek Life

Man’s Best Friend

Darkness Deep

Case of the Mondays

A Chance Encounter

One Sentence Wonder

A Childhood Prank

There Once Was A Girl

Enjoy and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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Home At Last

Home at last. Home at last. Lord all mighty. I am home at last!

I’m happy to be home after a drive back that took quite a bit longer than the drive there thanks to a routing mishap that took us through mountainous terrain on a small, two-lane road for most of yesterday. The upside is the scenery was terrific. The downside was that it took much longer than expected.

But, I’m ever so grateful for the chance to ring in the New Year from my own home, and even more grateful that we are home safe, sound, and happy.

Cheers to a great 2012!

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2010 Reflections

2010 was an amazing year – beginnings and endings, ups and downs – and most of all change.  More change occurred this year for me than in many recent years.

My husband’s grandfather passed away in February.

My younger sister and our Dad met for the first time since she was an infant.  Amazing.  Amazing!  Amazing!!  I went to visit as well to provide moral support while he was at her house.

I vacated my position at a soul-sucking company after almost six years of sheer torture.

I performed in my first musical since high school and even had two solos.  My first singing solos ever!

My father-in-law received a report that a biopsy on a cancerous cell could be lymphoma.  He got the all clear after several mad, mad weeks and a round of rigorous tests.

Inherited some money from the estate of my husband’s late grandfather and acquired a new car after owning the old one for 7 years.

I know 2011 will be amazing.  I look forward to my new adventures!