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Stream of Consciousness Sunday: Down With The Sickness

Wow.  So very, very many things to catch up on.

This week was just crazy.  I got sick with food poisoning or a stomach virus or something that laid me low for a few days.  I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS TO YOU EVER, EVER!!!  SO, SO awfully miserable and sore after throwing up one night ALL night.  Now, I’ve spread the illness (okay…probably a virus) to the other half and he’s been sick all weekend.

I got to go to my first Rays game on Friday night.  The home opener against the Yankees and THEY WON!  Very exciting stuff after a nail biter in the 9th inning.

Saturday night a friend and I went to see South Pacific.  We had dinner (my first food in 3 days after the stomach bug) and the show was great.  Yea!  For a girl’s night on the town.

Since today was Easter I went to celebrate with the family.  I barely remember cooking the ham; I was in a daze the whole time.  I had dinner over at my husband’s aunt and uncle’s house (he didn’t go due to still being so sick).  It was nice but I kind of wanted to just get out of there and go hide in a quiet, serene place for awhile.

Lately, I’ve been more anti-social than ever.  Maybe I just had too many nights out this week and need some quality time to chill at home?  I hope I’m not becoming a hermit in my middle age.

Oh, and I went to a table read for a short film I’m going to be working on.  SO. MUCH. FUN.  I’m excited to get back into the swing of things with a project that’s been in the works for a few months.  Due to SO many other things going on I haven’t taken the time to do stuff that I enjoy as much as I should be.


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The Simple Joys of Christmas

I spent time today out at the mall attempting to cross more people off my Christmas list.

I realized two things while I was out and about.

One – I loathe the mall and shopping with a dark, unreasoning passion.

Two – I miss the simple joys of Christmas.







Looking around at the stores, other people shopping, and excessive amounts of cheap and tacky gifts I was filled with a sense of how much goes to waste for this one day: wrapping paper, gift bags, money, time, overseas jobs, social connection, the soul of the holiday.

Suddenly, dazed, I felt weird about buying anything.  I walked out to my car wondering why this was hitting me so hard.  Is it the Christmas music before Veteran’s Day?  Black Friday sales on Thanksgiving?  How does this Christmas end up feeling not like the most joyous time of the year but instead more like the last, best hope for sucking money out of my wallet?

That is why this year everyone is getting coal.  Or a sock from Goodwill.  Your choice.  If you’re on my list I apologize in advance.

I hope for your sakes that I snap out of this Christmas funk soon.

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Let The Decorating Commence

Decorating has commenced.  The tree is down from the attic and put together.  While standing on the ladder to the attic trying to decide which bag (or bags) had all the bits to the “big” tree this happened:

Me: Do you remember which bag has the big tree in it?

Hubby: You know what would be nice?

Me: What?

Hubby: Going to the store and buying another tree instead of wrestling one of those down.

The scary thing about this is that I was thinking something along those lines before he said it.  The even scarier thing – we did this one year.  We bought a really skinny, super cheap tree that was about three feet tall rather than wrestle the larger tree down from the attic.  Problem?  Solved.

Right now my arms itch from fluffing the limbs, the top of the tree is listing because I had to use tape to get the top and bottom piece to stay together, and the middle section of lights is out (it’s a pre-lighted tree).  I have no idea how a tree can break itself in the attic.  I blame the ancient aliens.

See you all tomorrow!


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Songs for Saturday

I visited the local arts and crafts show today in support of Small Business Saturday.  I checked off a few people on this year’s Christmas list.

But I missed out on this:

And pepper spray.  And police brutality.  And fights over a towel.

I used to work at a department store.  We didn’t have crazy Black Friday madness, but we did have day after Christmas madness.  Once my co-workers and I had to call an ambulance for a lady who was having trouble breathing.  She made us save her pile of goods before the medics took her away.  She was back within a couple of hours to pay for everything.

Happy shopping! Be safe everyone.

See you tomorrow.