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10 Things That Make My Life Easier

Life isn’t always easy, but there are so many things that I’m happy for.  In fact, I had a hard time keeping this list short.

Here’s my list of the 10 things/people/services that make my life easier –

  1. My hubby – I’ve never met a kinder, more genuine person.  Beautiful inside and out.  Brings me hot chocolate, hides the marshmallows.
  2. Books – Keep me dreaming and make the world awesome.
  3. Music – I can’t function without music.  If I can’t play it I sing.  When I’m sad it makes me cry and I wallow in the blues.  When I’m happy it makes me laugh and I rejoice.  It is the nectar of the gods.  It is the language that transcends all bounds.  It makes it possible for me to concentrate and get stuff done.
  4. Sushi – Om nom nom.  I can eat this stuff every day.  Delicious.
  5. Friends – There when you need them good times or bad.
  6. Comedy – If you can’t laugh you are probably dead.
  7. Family – Sometimes crazy, sometimes wacky, but always loved.
  8. Manual transmission – Especially in a sporty, little roadster.  Zoom, zoom.
  9. The salon – Nothing beats how fabulous you feel after a cut and color.  And having your hair washed?  One of the best parts of the trip.  This is also something TOUGH to pull off easily at home.
  10. My dog – He’s always there for me. Woof!

That’s my list for Monday.  Go check out some of the other people on easy street at The Good Life.

Thanks, readers.  Later!

2 thoughts on “10 Things That Make My Life Easier”

  1. Yep, having my hair washed and brushed is my favorite bit too. Even more then walking out looking like a porn star. Yeay for dog, family and hubs that make you happy!!

  2. Books , Sushi, music, a good laugh, life doesn’t get any better. Unless it’s the scalp massage they throw in while washing your hair.

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