Friday Rant: Just Google It?

*Rant On*

Google is a useful tool.  Google leads us to the internet sites that we want and need.  Google’s ability to guess our search as we are typing it even borders on scary – BUT – when I ask you for information well within the scope of your job description the last thing I want to hear is use Google.

This week I had the somewhat daunting task of hosting two volunteer activities at two different sites with the kids my employer works with (I work at a non-profit) and volunteers from a large company.  I work at a place where we deal a lot with kids, however I am not a kid expert.  This becomes important later.

This is the gist of a conversation that I had with a co-worker about the event:

Her: They are bringing an activity to the event, right?

Me: Umm…no they aren’t bringing an activity.  We wanted them to do a book drive.  They are bringing books for the kids.

Her:  Email them and tell them they need to bring an activity. (BTW, this was the day before the event)

Me: What do you suggest I tell them for this age group?

Her: I don’t know.

Me: What should they do then?

Her: They can look up activities on Google.

Say what?!  Your job is working with kids.  YOUR. JOB.  And instead of giving me ideas, you tell me to look it up on Google.  I tried to be tactful and remind her that she is the expert on kids whereby she proceeded to tell me that she was not.  This would be like a surgeon saying they have no idea how to use a scalpel or an accountant who failed math.  Absolutely and completely ridiculous.

Note to clueless co-worker: Google is a reference tool it CAN’T DO YOUR JOB FOR YOU.

*Rant Off*

There’s a time and a place for facts.  And there’s a time and a place for experience.  One can’t take the place of the other.

Has this happened to you?  Do you prefer facts or expertise when you need a solution?

About Me

Stranger In a Strange Land

You know it’s bad when you feel like a stranger on your own blog.

But, I’m hoping to rectify the situation starting….NOW….

What have I been up to lately?

Recovering from the wedding of the century.  In true fashion, I have yet to send off the wedding gift.  (Sorry guys!)  It’s kind of just the way we roll in my house.  I once got Christmas presents from my Dad in May.  It’s weird, but also kind of nice because then the Christmas joy lasts a lot longer.  I once sent his stuff in April so we’re pretty even.

Last night, we went out with my Mom to celebrate her birthday and Mother’s Day.  As usual, she chose Tex-Mex.  I really don’t mind, but after waiting for over an hour because she was running late, I never want to see chips and salsa again.  The only saving grace?  Happy hour sangria.  Yea!

Work?  I definitely feel like a stranger in a strange land there.  They’re all kind, compassionate, social worker, caring souls like Jenn from So This Is Love.  (She is awesome, BTW.)  I’m all SHOW ME THE MONEY!  

Sometimes in meetings, I just want to scream out – “Look people, learn how to say NO.  Just do it.  Life will be better once you do, I swear!”.  When I do, they look at me like I’m an alien.  I also had to teach my boss how to calculate percentages.  PERCENTAGES, for God’s sake. *headdesk* 

I am an alien becauase I can do math and I know how to use the word NO and mean it.

Alright, enough for now.  See you tomorrow!


Quick Hit: Communication Misfire

Phone call at 9:52 am.

Me:  Hello

Supervisor:  Are you on the way?

Me:  On the way?

Supervisor:  To the meeting?

Me:  Meeting?  What meeting?

Supervisor:  I didn’t tell you?

Me:  No.

Supervisor:  I set up a meeting today with our sister agency at 10am.

Me:  *stunned silence*




Let me guess.

You believe it’s some kind of chemistry experiment involving radios and munitions.  Right?

Quaternary ammonium cation
No moaning aloud. Only sub-vocal.

Luckily, I wasn’t too far away from the meeting site (it was an offsite meeting).  But still!  A little communication goes a LONG way toward making everyone’s day brighter.

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Case of the Mondays

Going crazy
Not so kind
Want to leave this world behind
Not knowing
How or why or when
Life became drudge instead of wonder
Wonders left and wonders cease
Do they?
The grind, beats all
Down and out
Sucks the soul
Kills the spirit
Four letters doesn’t seem that bad
And yet without passion
All is bleak


A poem I found that I wrote way back when.  I think I was having a down moment.