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Happy Belated Thanksgiving

I arrived home at 11:50pm last night feeling awfully sick to my stomach.  Between the late hour and feeling nauseated something had to give.  Unfortunately, that something was my daily post.  Sorry, readers!

I meant to post early on Thanksgiving Day, but instead spent the morning watching the Macy’s Day parade.  (I had always wanted to go see it in person and was able to achieve that a few years back.  I loved New York SO MUCH!)

Then it was time to gather up the food and head off to the in-laws house.  I figured I’d leave the family’s at a reasonable time and I’d be able to post my tantalizing tidbit after I got back.

The best laid schemes o’ mice and men

Gang aft a-gley;

And leave us naught but grief and pain

For promised joy.

-Robert Burns

On the one hand, the plans going astray mean that I must have enjoyed being with the family.  On the other hand, I’ve now lost all NaBloPoMo bragging rights.

One of the most interesting parts of the day? Observing the family members and their quirks and quibbles.  For example:

Aunt Ree – A mystery to me; she insists on buying anything and everything her kids want.  She thinks her daughter is her best friend.  Her son is a shiftless, out of control teen without the ambition to get a job whom she had to force to go to community college.  She let him take off with her car instead of his after our dinner because his was out of gas and he had no money.  She then complained for quite a while that she wouldn’t have enough gas to get to work until she gets paid next week.  She constantly makes poor decisions and relies on others to “rescue” her from them.

Aunt Bear – The control freak.  Her life was fine and she seemed happy until her two kids, Twister and Flower, came along.  I know she loves them, but she smothers and controls them to within an inch of their lives!  She can’t let them just be kids.  They must be geniuses.  They must constantly need her and be watched by her and also be PERFECT.  Sometimes, I really just want to go up to her and say – “Hey, back off.  You’re not the boss of everything in the world!  Your kids will be fine without you telling them what to do constantly!”.  For the kids’ sake (and her husband’s) I hope she learns to lighten up one day.  And I can give a first hand account of the negative effects of parental expectations of perfection (maybe more on that later).

Just a few tidbits from a day full of food, football, and family.

Family.  I love you, quirks and all.

Enjoy your holiday weekend and I’ll see you tomorrow, dear readers!

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Mean Kids

The current  internet hub-bub surrounding the young girl bullied for liking Star Wars lends credence to my theory that some kids are just plain MEAN.

(If you’re not sure what I’m talking about check out the blog post here).

I’m always astounded when people talk about how nice and sweet kids are.  Have these adults not been around children for awhile?  Have they conveniently forgotten Dennis the Menace and the whole gang from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?  That kid from the abhorrent, face-slapping Home Alone series?

Kids are mean.  I remember being picked on because I was smart, liked to read, wasn’t considered pretty, and enjoyed being a bit of a tomboy.  I remember one kid that liked to pinch me until I bled.  I remember being tripped by a kid and falling down and breaking my nose in gym class.

I know, and sadly enough Katie the Star Wars Girl has found out, that kids come in all flavors just like adults.  I hope Katie finds those friends who will accept her for who she is and what she likes, and stays away from those kids that, despite the best efforts of their parents, grow up to be the Good Son.