NaBloPoMo 2012

Last Day of January NaBloPoMo

I tried for another month of NaBloPoMo this month and really struggled.  Am I glad it’s over?  Yep.  Would I try it again?  Probably, but not for awhile.

I like the daily post, but for times sake I think every couple of days will work best for me.

Thanks for being with me for this “experiment” and suffering a bit while I learn.

I appreciate it!

Alright, I have to go and do some stuff to set up the online software for my tax site that is opening on Thursday.  Fun!

See you soon!

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Stream of Consciousness Sunday: Party On Dude

Sunday wrap up.  Holy cow.  It’s been an interesting weekend.

I wanted to have a party last night so I invited a few friends over.  Yesterday, hubby and I are driving around doing errands and such – grocery store, goodwill, party city – when disaster struck.  In one of the stores, I dropped a bag that he thrust at me really quickly.  I didn’t get a good grip and it went crashing to the floor and the new hurricane I bought for my party broke.  Not sure why this was the straw that broke me, but I stood there in the line and just cried.  He was over buying something else and the checkout ladies had to help me calm down.   It was such a little thing that just really turned into a big thing.

Then we do a great job of getting the house ready and we wait for people to show.  When people are supposed to be arriving I have a panic attack and another crying fit saying stuff like – I have no friends and nobody wants to come to my party so why do I bother?

*sigh*  This stuff is not true.  I have friends.  I don’t have as many as I used to maybe, but when you get married it’s different.

Anyway, so finally people start showing and it ends up that we have about ten people at the house, which I think was just enough.  We spent most of the evening sitting around the firepit and talking.  I even invited our harmonica playing neighbor over for a bit.  I was really surprised when he took me up on the offer I had yelled to him from my backyard.  His response – Let me put some clothes on.

Unfortunately, The Guru ended up drinking way too much and was still being violently ill today at noon.  Poor guy!

Overall though, I had a great party and I’m really hoping I can leave these weird depressed and crying episodes behind some day.


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NaBloPoMo 2012

The Juggling Act Begins

It’s that time of year.  Time for the juggling act to begin – tax season, full-time job, home stuff, husband, social life, planning for year 2 of the arcade show.  I’ve even been talking to a friend of mine about doing some sales work for her in her new event marketing business.

I’m just hoping I survive until April when I can take a much needed break.  All right, all right, I say that – BUT – just know that despite my moaning and complaining staying busy is something I enjoy.  I lack the ability to relax.  Back in college, several really good friends of mine swore they were going to teach me.  It hasn’t happened yet, but I’m game if someone wants to share the secret with me.

Oh, and I saw Underworld Awakening tonight.  In IMAX.  In 3D.  My cost?  $16 for a ticket.  Six. Teen.  DOLLARS!!

The sad part?  I had to leave the theater at the beginning for a few minutes because I get motion sick when I watch 3D.  After crying a few tears, my head and eyes finally adjusted to where I could mostly watch the movie.  But I still had to take the glasses off a few times or risk going cross-eyed and/or spending the rest of the movie with a splitting headache.

The sadder part?  The movie only rates a rental.  Great fight scenes; horrible plot. *sigh*

Why, Kate, why?

Luckily, I only see movies in 3D once in a while since hubby is really understanding about the motion sickness problem.

I hope everyone had a great Friday.  See you tomorrow!