NaBloPoMo 2012

The Juggling Act Begins

It’s that time of year.  Time for the juggling act to begin – tax season, full-time job, home stuff, husband, social life, planning for year 2 of the arcade show.  I’ve even been talking to a friend of mine about doing some sales work for her in her new event marketing business.

I’m just hoping I survive until April when I can take a much needed break.  All right, all right, I say that – BUT – just know that despite my moaning and complaining staying busy is something I enjoy.  I lack the ability to relax.  Back in college, several really good friends of mine swore they were going to teach me.  It hasn’t happened yet, but I’m game if someone wants to share the secret with me.

Oh, and I saw Underworld Awakening tonight.  In IMAX.  In 3D.  My cost?  $16 for a ticket.  Six. Teen.  DOLLARS!!

The sad part?  I had to leave the theater at the beginning for a few minutes because I get motion sick when I watch 3D.  After crying a few tears, my head and eyes finally adjusted to where I could mostly watch the movie.  But I still had to take the glasses off a few times or risk going cross-eyed and/or spending the rest of the movie with a splitting headache.

The sadder part?  The movie only rates a rental.  Great fight scenes; horrible plot. *sigh*

Why, Kate, why?

Luckily, I only see movies in 3D once in a while since hubby is really understanding about the motion sickness problem.

I hope everyone had a great Friday.  See you tomorrow!

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