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These Are The Wickets I Know

These are the Wickets I know.  I know.  These are the Wickets I know.

Wicket Goes to Camp stuffed animal

This is the stuffed Wicket that my hubby bought for me at Downtown Disney a couple of years ago as a surprise.  He insisted that I had to take it with me when I went on my wild woman adventure.  Wicket Goes to Camp.

Chewbacca my dog

This furry, little alien follows me around the house.  He likes going on drags around the block and being fed.  He also believes that the stuffed Wicket belongs to him.  If Wicket is left unattended at ground level he will quickly be dragged under the bed and disrobed.  My hubby sent me this picture while I was away.  I’m curious as to what all the snow is about, but I’m probably better off not knowing.  Strangely enough, his name is Chewbacca, not Wicket, even though he DOES look like an Ewok.

Picture of Wicket USB drive

The USB drive that was waiting on my desk when I got back from my adventure.

It’s great to be missed!

And those are the Wickets I know.