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Quick Hit: Don’t Be The Blender

I’ve been taking a class in Improv for the last couple of weeks.  I love the games, the freedom, the spontaneity – even if I do wonder – am I funny?  But in the end, it doesn’t matter because I am having FUN.

Last night we worked in groups and in one game we had to create a machine using our bodies, sounds, motions, etc.   I wasn’t thinking too clearly and when my group got “a blender” I decided to be the part that spins and chops things into bits.  BIG MISTAKE.

Who gets motion sick?  Me.

Annnnd….who got motion sick in the middle of class after “pureeing”?  Me.

I spent the rest of class alternating between hot flashes and cold sweats, moaning, and looking down at the floor while rubbing my temples.  Did I mention there was little to no air conditioning in the building?  Combine motion sickness with overheating and you have the perfect storm of agony.

The instructor must have been in secret sympathy.  She gave me a scene toward the end of class where the location was “on a cruise ship”.  Perfect!  I’ve got this covered.  No acting required.

What do you do when the “show must go on” even if you’re feeling sick?  I’d love to hear about your experiences in the comments!  Last night, I threw my quest for greatness to the winds and accepted that my C-game would have to be good enough, and life went on, the sky did not fall, and it was okay.

See you soon, readers!

Friends, The Family That...

Valentine Laughs, Crafts, and Deranged Monkeys.

In honor of Valentine’s Day I decided to skip the crowded restaurants.  I surprised my husband with dinner and a show at the Improv comedy club.  They say that laughter is the best medicine and I felt it was time for some laughs as we still have some major communication problems and had a big, stupid, pointless blowup last night.

The show was good.  Two opening acts and the headliner.  All funny.  But I learned one thing, don’t eat a full dinner at a comedy club.  Stick to the cheese sticks and cocktails and you’ll be a-okay.  On the plus side because I agreed to take a short survey I got 2 free tickets to another show.  I’m hoping to use them to see A Pair of Nuts later this month.

Also, this weekend we got crafty.  My husband and his friend bought some design your own Shrinky Dinks a couple weeks back.  Guys being guys – I think their original plan was to use these to make lewd and suggestive pictures.

The friend stayed over Saturday night again so I insisted we make them.  Weird thing?  My husband never made these as a kid.  He also had never baked cookies, made those makit and bakit sun-catcher things, or done a bunch of other stuff until recently.  How do you have a childhood without this stuff?

Here’s the one that I made:

All You Need

The ones he made:

What the F*%^ is that on the left?

That thing on the left?  It’s supposed to be our dog.  I’m not sure why it has blood-shot homicidal eyes, but I’m not letting it anywhere near me while I sleep.  In fact, I’m keeping it in another room or possibly even melting it in the oven before it decides to use it’s deranged, evil powers against me.

Photo credit Jack Grassa/Westminster Kennel Club via Bloomberg (http://www.bloomberg.com/photo/malachy-/151229.html)

This?  The gorgeous peke that just won in the toy group at Westminster.  Isn’t he lovely?

I hope everyone had an awesome, laugh filled Valentine’s.