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Looking Forward to May

April was the month of sickness, musicals, too many social engagements, and tiredness.  Bless you May since so far *knock on wood* you have not made me sick.

I’m sitting at my house waiting for a good friend of mine who’s visiting from Seattle to come pick me up.  Then we’re off to eat some sushi and bang around for a bit before heading over to Orlando for the weekend.  Hubs is meeting us at the hotel later today, and tomorrow we’ll all be going to another friend’s wedding.

I can’t wait for the wedding because it’s going to be a spectacularly geeky occasion.  It’s a costume wedding with the bridal party in none other than Klingon garb.  The funniest thing about this wedding has been trying to convince my husband that it truly WAS a costume event.  Ever since we got the save the date card I’ve been asking him about his costume.  His reply was usually along the lines of “What? This can’t be a costumed event.” or “I’m not dressing up in costume; it’s a wedding.” or some such.

He kept on this way even after the Klingon inspired invitation arrived.

Finally, something clicked after a phone call with my friend from Seattle when I told him she had offered to loan him her Klingon command cloak.  Not sure why that should have done the job, but it did.  Finally!  He believed.  Then it was – we’ve got to find costumes ASAP, seriously, QUICK…ah, husbands.  SO FUNNY.

*Note – I meant to post this on Friday but my friend arrived right before I could finish.  So here you are a few days late.  And I will post up wedding pics in another post soon.

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