The texts continue. Cue banjos.

For those who haven’t read the first part check it out here.

Random texting continues with…

RP: just lying about you comin tonight.

(I had just asked if Mandee had done anything weird lately in order to determine her alien status.)

Me: Bros before hos.

RP: Is she a bro? because I know shes a….

(As it was late I decided to take a break to get some sleep.  The next day the saga continued with a few texts sent by my husband while we were out eating with some friends.)

Me: Mandee asks why you buggin?

RP: Shes a tard

Me: yea she so tarded it take her an hour to make minute rice yo

RP: Word G!

(Finally, a G!  Does the fact that it’s capital make up for the all missin’ ones?)

Later, I looked up the number and found out it’s from a little town in Tennessee.

Cue dueling banjos…


Wait.  What?!

Tennessee.  Middle of nowheresville.  Guy named Todd.

I’m now wondering if the “random person” is really a friend of my husband’s.  The friend lives in TN.  He has the same name.  He would go dancing at a place called Rollin in the Hay.  He’s always trying to hook up with the ladies.

Just thinking about this made me laugh so hard I snorted.  If this is true it’s absolutely the best thing EVER!  Pièce de résistance.

As a test I sent a message to the number I have saved for him in my phone. The reply?  Wrong number.

The circle is complete.

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