Quick Hit: Communication Misfire

Phone call at 9:52 am.

Me:  Hello

Supervisor:  Are you on the way?

Me:  On the way?

Supervisor:  To the meeting?

Me:  Meeting?  What meeting?

Supervisor:  I didn’t tell you?

Me:  No.

Supervisor:  I set up a meeting today with our sister agency at 10am.

Me:  *stunned silence*




Let me guess.

You believe it’s some kind of chemistry experiment involving radios and munitions.  Right?

Quaternary ammonium cation
No moaning aloud. Only sub-vocal.

Luckily, I wasn’t too far away from the meeting site (it was an offsite meeting).  But still!  A little communication goes a LONG way toward making everyone’s day brighter.

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