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Valentine Laughs, Crafts, and Deranged Monkeys.

In honor of Valentine’s Day I decided to skip the crowded restaurants.  I surprised my husband with dinner and a show at the Improv comedy club.  They say that laughter is the best medicine and I felt it was time for some laughs as we still have some major communication problems and had a big, stupid, pointless blowup last night.

The show was good.  Two opening acts and the headliner.  All funny.  But I learned one thing, don’t eat a full dinner at a comedy club.  Stick to the cheese sticks and cocktails and you’ll be a-okay.  On the plus side because I agreed to take a short survey I got 2 free tickets to another show.  I’m hoping to use them to see A Pair of Nuts later this month.

Also, this weekend we got crafty.  My husband and his friend bought some design your own Shrinky Dinks a couple weeks back.  Guys being guys – I think their original plan was to use these to make lewd and suggestive pictures.

The friend stayed over Saturday night again so I insisted we make them.  Weird thing?  My husband never made these as a kid.  He also had never baked cookies, made those makit and bakit sun-catcher things, or done a bunch of other stuff until recently.  How do you have a childhood without this stuff?

Here’s the one that I made:

All You Need

The ones he made:

What the F*%^ is that on the left?

That thing on the left?  It’s supposed to be our dog.  I’m not sure why it has blood-shot homicidal eyes, but I’m not letting it anywhere near me while I sleep.  In fact, I’m keeping it in another room or possibly even melting it in the oven before it decides to use it’s deranged, evil powers against me.

Photo credit Jack Grassa/Westminster Kennel Club via Bloomberg (

This?  The gorgeous peke that just won in the toy group at Westminster.  Isn’t he lovely?

I hope everyone had an awesome, laugh filled Valentine’s.

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