Manic Mutt-Days, NaBloPoMo 2012

Oh, where, oh, where…

Has that little dog gone?

5 special dogs in my lifetime:

Missy, Hoover, Heidi, Lady, Susie (all dogs that have gone to heaven)

She was my first pet and my first dog.  When I went with my Mom and Dad to get her, I knew right away she was the one.  She ran over to me like she knew she was going home with us.  The runt of the litter, but never shy.

She was funny and always knew exactly what you were saying to her.  She was the reason we had to spell things like “go” and “ride”.  I’ve never met a smarter dog.

She licked my face when I cried because my parents were fighting.  She sat with me on the couch curled up in my special blanket and kept me company when I was alone.  I used to draw pictures of her while she was sleeping.

She ran off when I was 12 not long after my parents got divorced.  Another blow at a horrible time.  I miss her still.

Love you, Missy.  Thanks for all the memories.

Mama’s Losin’ It

This post is linked up over at Mama Kat’s.  This week’s prompt?

List the names of five dogs from your lifetime.  Write about why one sparks a stronger memory to you than the others. (inspired by Writing Fix).

Go and give some love to the other writers.  Go Now.  You. No. Stay. Here.  You eat WHOLE buffet (that was also my dog Missy.  She would eat anything you gave her.  I mean, ANYTHING.).

4 thoughts on “Oh, where, oh, where…”

  1. I love that your wrote ‘all dogs that have gone to heaven’. I’m a firm believer that my dogs that have gone before are up there, probably digging through garbage since that was their favorite thing!

    1. Dogs are amazing; they are always able to touch our hearts and I have to believe that they have a special place too.

      Speaking of garbage – I watched a friend’s dog once and went out only to return to find the whole house covered with garbage. Surprise! My current dog is so short he can’t jump on the couch let alone reach the garbage can so I didn’t even think about it. By the time we gave the dog back, I was kind of feeling sorry for my friend because he was QUITE a handful.

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