NaBloPoMo 2012


Tonight I took a field trip to this very, quiet place where you can get free books. 
FREE.  BOOKS.  Ish-n’t that weird?
Shhh! Silence in the library.

The library’s gone through a lot of changes since I last used it 15 years ago.

No card catalog.  Good.

Tons of computers.  Awesome.

Skeletons in astronaut suits.  Dr. River Song.  The Doctor.  Sadness.  Urmmm….wrong library.

Free E-books.  Sweet.

Completely creepy self-check out system. *sigh*

I loathe self-check out, but as it looked like the only way to do it I reluctantly capitulated and utilized the machine.  At least.  It.  Was.  Easy.

I scanned my brand spanking new library card and waived my book on tape in the general direction of the machine, and voilá, done.  At least, in my mind, that’s how it happened. 

What really occurred?  I fumbled around with two different machines trying to get it to work before The Guru figured it out.  This is why I despise self-check out.  It’s supposed to make life easier, but never does.  Regardless, I DID IT.  I am now hip to the new-fangled library.  Here’s to checking out more free stuff soon.

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