A Childhood Prank

“The doorbell rang.  And that’s how it happened,” Jemma says to her friend calmly.  “That’s how I turned into a psychic.”

“With a doorbell?” her friend asks.

“Not just a doorbell, but a childhood prank gone wrong.  A simple thing.  Ring the bell and run.  Except it didn’t turn out to be so simple.”

“What happened?”

“Ice and snow happened.  Winter break and a child’s stupidity happened, ” Jemma says and smiles mysteriously.

“But no one can tell the future,” her friend protests.

“It’s about to start snowing,” Jemma says with confidence.

Outside the coffee shop, snow began to fall.

Today’s post is linked up to the Red Writing Hood prompt over at Write on Edge.  The prompt?  Holidays and a doorbell.  Visit and give the other bloggers some holiday cheer!

5 thoughts on “A Childhood Prank”

    1. Hi Cameron – I agree it is a bit short! I almost didn’t write for this prompt, but I forced myself to do it after sitting and staring at a blank screen then writing and erasing everything a couple of times. I only got through it by going short. 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by and thanks for the comment!

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