The Simple Joys of Christmas

I spent time today out at the mall attempting to cross more people off my Christmas list.

I realized two things while I was out and about.

One – I loathe the mall and shopping with a dark, unreasoning passion.

Two – I miss the simple joys of Christmas.







Looking around at the stores, other people shopping, and excessive amounts of cheap and tacky gifts I was filled with a sense of how much goes to waste for this one day: wrapping paper, gift bags, money, time, overseas jobs, social connection, the soul of the holiday.

Suddenly, dazed, I felt weird about buying anything.  I walked out to my car wondering why this was hitting me so hard.  Is it the Christmas music before Veteran’s Day?  Black Friday sales on Thanksgiving?  How does this Christmas end up feeling not like the most joyous time of the year but instead more like the last, best hope for sucking money out of my wallet?

That is why this year everyone is getting coal.  Or a sock from Goodwill.  Your choice.  If you’re on my list I apologize in advance.

I hope for your sakes that I snap out of this Christmas funk soon.

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