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Home At Last

Home at last. Home at last. Lord all mighty. I am home at last!

I’m happy to be home after a drive back that took quite a bit longer than the drive there thanks to a routing mishap that took us through mountainous terrain on a small, two-lane road for most of yesterday. The upside is the scenery was terrific. The downside was that it took much longer than expected.

But, I’m ever so grateful for the chance to ring in the New Year from my own home, and even more grateful that we are home safe, sound, and happy.

Cheers to a great 2012!

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Christmas Road Trip

At some point recently, I convinced my husband and parents-in-law to take a road trip with me to my home town to see my Dad and his family.  My husband has only been to Oklahoma once before and his Mom hasn’t ever been here.  The in-laws have been wanting to visit and meet my Dad and his family since I got married, and I figured now was as good a time as any to make this happen.  It’s been a really, really long time since I saw my Dad’s side of the family for the holidays too.  It’s always better to kill two birds with one stone.

My mother-in-law doesn’t fly and my husband only with extreme mental stress, therefore even though I would have loved to fly driving was the only travel  option.  We rented a van since we needed to transport ourselves, the luggage, presents, and two dogs.  This trip normally takes about 20 hours of driving, but when you stop every couple of hours to walk the dogs and every hour for people to use the facilities it becomes quite a bit longer.  I think we made it in 30 hours or so.

Please, please, please….get me out of this van!

When we arrived, I wished I could have turned back time and simply drugged the mother-in-law and dragged her on the plane.  I have decided road trips are for younger people than me.  I no longer have the patience for them.  I just want to get to my destination!  That night, while trying to sleep, the world still felt like it was moving after SO many hours spent in the van.  I’ve only felt like that before after a cruise.

In the end, the long trip was worth it.  The parents are getting along well and enjoying the sights.  Christmas was fantastic.  We got up and went over to my step-mom’s parent’s house and ate a huge Christmas dinner with her family then we went to my Nana’s house and opened presents with just the immediate family.  Yesterday, we saw some sights around town, went out to eat, and spent the evening playing dominoes together.

I’m so grateful for a wonderful family!  I hope you all had a Christmas that was as awesome as mine.

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Stream of Consciousness Sunday: Celebrations

Wow.  What a weekend.  It’s been a whirl-wind of family, celebrations and togetherness.  Somehow, it makes me long for a hot bubble bath, candles and some peace and quiet!

But I wouldn’t trade time with family for anything even though now that’s it mostly over I feel the need for a much deserved break.

My husband’s sister flew in this weekend from California.  She hasn’t been back to the East Coast since 1989.  She hasn’t seen my hubby since he was just a kid.  They share a Dad and the reason she came back home was for his Dad’s 75th birthday celebration.

That’s why this weekend has been the weekend of celebrations.  We also had the joy of celebrating the hubby’s parent’s 40th anniversary.  And we popped over to Celebration to spend Saturday evening with my aunt at her company holiday Christmas party.  It was a great time except almost catching the table on fire!

We also took a family group photo on Saturday morning, which was like pulling teeth to get everyone to attend.  My hubby’s nephew (his Dad’s grandson) drove in at 3am that morning after spending a day and a half driving around Texas, Alabama and Florida.  I’m glad he made it in time for the family picture.

Tonight we went to dinner to celebrate the anniversary and birthday.  We then spent the evening listening to my mom-in-law sing with her Oratorio group.  It was a beautiful rendition of the Messiah complete with harpsichord.  I loved it!

And Friday night I spent the evening with hubs and his sister at the Victorian Christmas stroll.

I’m sure you can all understand why I might me craving a little me time.  Since Thursday it’s been nothing but go, go, go and family time.  I’m feeling a cold coming on and looking forward to visiting my bed and taking a few minutes to snuggle down with a nice book – alone.

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