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Painting of the Month: November 2011

Holy hand grenade of Antioch!**

I have finished the November painting of the month.

Bet you weren’t expecting a painting of the month?!

(Nooobooooody expects the…Spanish Inquisition…or for me to finish a painting.  Start them, yes.  Finish them, nope.)

Painting of a Peacock

I was inspired to create this by a mug that I bought a couple months back.  I love peacocks and this mug has a beautiful peacock on it in a style reminiscent of Toile de Jouy.

sample of toile black and whiteIf you’ve watched HG TV, you’ve seen toile before,  It’s a complex and distinctive pattern, traditionally black on a cream or white background.  There are frequently people, animals and relaxing nature scenes in the pattern.  Most often it’s used on fabric or wallpaper.

My Antebellum favors toile patterns so in some sense toile reminds me of her and staying the summer with her and my uncle and just how awesome she is.  I’m not a huge fan of the typical black and cream variety, but I did instantly love the mug’s blue and orange take on it.

In keeping with the inspiration piece, I wanted the lines to be simple and the background to be very basic.

close up of painting
Close up of the “pattern”.

peacock close upAnother close-up view.

When I first began working on this piece, I feared it was going to turn out just terrible.  I didn’t like the “pattern” or lines or colors or anything that was happening for quite awhile.  I surprise myself by liking the finished product much more than expected.  The husband liked it even more than I did.  Thanks, hon!

One thing I was forced to embrace while working on this is that you don’t have to create something that is perfect or even something that you like.  As the old saying goes, it’s the journey not the destination.  It’s easy to take myself way too seriously and forget to just have fun with what I’m doing.

So, go have fun.  Do what inspires you even if you hate your first attempt at it.

See you tomorrow.

**Confused? Go stream Monty Python’s Search for the Holy Grail.  Please.  Do It. For. Your. Own. Sanity.**

P.S. – Is NaBloPoMo over yet?  For MY sanity, half of me hopes the end comes soon!

2 thoughts on “Painting of the Month: November 2011”

    1. Hi Jenn – Haha…NaBloPoMo…what can I say…great but also a major challenge. 🙂 It’s brought me to new and awesome blogs (like yours) so I can’t complain. Thanks for the positive feedback on the new painting!

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