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Five Minute Ramble

Hubs and I went to a new Food Truck event downtown this evening. We had a nice date night, tried some great food and heard a nice band.

It was a needed break from our normal week and a fun date night. We’ve been having our ups and downs lately and working through communication issues and such. We’re just such different people. It’s hard to believe the old saying about opposites attracting. When they do it makes extra work for you.

Also, yesterday was a tough day as we had a training from the Sheriff’s office on internet sexual predators. A really tough topic and stuff that was hard to hear about. Important stuff that needs to be said, but not easy at all. It was strange to hear that a lot of them are into online games and such. Now, I’m walking around thinking that all my gamer friends are suspicious. Jeez. *sigh*

Looking forward to Friday tomorrow and lunch with a friend I haven’t seen in a long while. We used to be great friends then drifted apart as she got married and had kids. Then I got married and moved to the other side of town. I hate when that happens. Yet, it’s okay too as I know that people do move in and out of our life and many times they come back into our life when we most need them.

Grateful tonight for good food, my husband and better communication between us, and the people at the auto shop who were kind enough to rig up that stuff that was hanging down under the car – and for free.

All right, this was a five minute post with no edits or revisions as seen at So This is Love.  Thanks NaBloPoMo for making me try new things!

Until tomorrow.

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