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When Harry Met Sally and Tradition

As the weather changes from blazing hot to only slightly hot, I seek out my traditional autumn movie, When Harry Met Sally.  I wait for the first cold snap of the year (or what passes for cold in this southern state) before I break it out for the annual viewing.  I also prefer to watch it before the holidays.  Why?


I’ve been watching this once a year for most of the last twelve or thirteen years.  There are a few missed years, but not many.  I think it’s an amazingly well crafted movie and it makes me laugh every time.  As an actor, I love to watch the interaction and evolution of the two leading characters.  There’s nothing mushy or overly dramatic just two people that respect and like each other discovering something deeper.

There are also so many iconic moments and pieces of dialogue in the film…low maintenance vs. high maintenance (I’m the worst kind), the angel of death, the orgasm scene, Mr. Zero…just to name a few.  I also love the flashback I get from seeing the progression of clothing and hair styles through the years.

I’ve watched it alone, with boyfriends, and with my husband over the years.  A couple years ago I discovered a good friend of mine also loved the movie and we started watching it together last year with another friend of ours.

Tonight we watched while enjoying some delicious dinner from the Taco Bus.

Ah, tradition!

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