About Me, NaBloPoMo 2011

One Sentence Wonder

You may think it a simple thing to craft a single sentence for a blog post, and yet this sentence must entail all the good and bad, all the dark and light, all the struggles and triumphs of this day, while including all forms of proper punctuation, syntax and grammar, and even more importantly, this sentence must impart the tale of the day, a tale that spans from waking in the morning and shared time with Husband as we fumble through that almost-awake daily genesis through to our evening dinner and snuggle on the couch watching the latest cooking show on the box, a gathering of light and photons that neither warms nor enlightens my heart yet demands its prominent place within our domicile, a tale that encompasses cooking, cleaning, and laundry, a never-ending stream of those little domestic duties that could and probably will drive one mad, duties that create a litany of items checked off and still to be checked off that resonates in your brain on endless repeat, a tale that includes the happy interruption of a visit to the local community choir where rusty pipes and shaking limbs are corralled into the impression of functional notes and singer, hopefully gaining entry into the group and a consistent time and place for musical practice and community, a tale that ends with the recording of the day, a recording open for the examination of strangers, a soul laid bare for the love or hatred of anonymous spectators, but you would be wrong; a single sentence can never do justice to a life lived, not the life of a day, nor an hour, nor a minute.