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Lazy Sunday and Art Journaling (May Just Be ADD Enough For Me)

Today, I laze around the house while The Guru is off with friends doing manly stuff like visiting comic book conventions.  (Usually, I go to those but just didn’t feel it today.)

SNL Lazy Sunday on Hulu – can’t embed for some reason.  Watch it!  It’s worth it!

**While searching for this I found the remake below.  Holy, crap!  These people have a) too much time on their hands and b) are just awesome.**

I stumble out of bed at the crack of 10am and proceed to spend WAY too much time reading posts over at The Bloggess.  It’s my first visit to this little gem of insanity.  I have A LOT of catching up to do.

First thought – She is bat-shit crazy.

Second thought – I feel pretty darn crazy lately too.  Thanks for letting me see that crazy does not stand in the way of having a wonderful life.

Third thought – Me wishing I was even half as cool.

While poking around links that she posted I stumble across a blog about art journaling.  (This is not the blog I originally read, but I can’t find the other one right now so this one will have to do.)  I’m feeling pretty down about my Painting of the Month Project, which has been off-again for too many months, but this peaks my interest.



No discernible goal other than creating.

Stop or start on a whim.

Perfect for someone with a short attention span or ADD or ADHD or who can’t sit still for long or…

Is that something sparkly?

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