NaBloPoMo 2011


I feel a special day and a special time calls for a special post.  Yet, the brain resists cooperating and out of the many thoughts spinning around nothing makes its way onto the page.  I struggle to find something that could be special enough, awesome enough to occupy my post on this most magical of days.

Breathe.  Think.  Empty the mind.  Reach out to the subconscious.  Find the thread for a post.

My mind flashes for a moment on the film I went to see at the theater this evening, In Time.

Here’s the trailer:

While mostly predictable and cliched, the film does point out something important: endless time does not equal time well spent.

Extrapolating this I think about 11/11/11.  As magical and special as today is it’s just one day in my life.  Tomorrow there will be another that has the power and potential to be as special, if not more special, than today.  I may have many more years after this auspicious day or I may have precious few, but it’s up to me to make them count.

Thus, my post is written, and I’ve reminded myself of something more important than dates.

Blessings and peace to you on this most lucky of days.  Spend it and all the days ahead in ways that will make you happy and fulfilled.

*Also, congratulations to my friends C&J who got married today in Las Vegas.  I wish I could have joined you on your special day!

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