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Good Things

Today, was a day for good things.

  1. Good Thing One – I had my hair colored and styled at the local Paul Mitchell school.  It looks great.  It only cost me $30 and I got the world’s best scalp massage to boot.  If you’ve never had your hair done at a hair school – TRY IT!  Go with a reputable place like Aveda or Paul Mitchell and you won’t go wrong.  Be prepared for it to take a while though.  Two or three hours is normal.  Yes, sometimes it feels like they examine each hair as they style it, but for the money the end result can’t be beat.
  2. Good Thing Two – The Guru was contacted by an internal recruiter about a new position in the area.  His conversation with her went well and he’s scheduled for a technical interview on Monday.  A real company, with health benefits and time off and 401K and stuff and more stuff.  Wow.  I’m crossing my fingers as this would be a major step up from the teeny, tiny place he works now, which also has none of those things.  Ultimately, I only want him to move companies if he will be happy.  However, it would go a long way toward easing the stress and tension we’ve lived under recently.  Keep your fingers crossed. And toes.

I couldn’t get this song out of my head. Now, I share it with you so you can suffer too.  Waahahahahaha!

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