About Me, NaBloPoMo 2011

Meeting a Kindred Spirit and Important Questions

Yesterday, while hanging around at John’s Pass hubby and I decided to stop into a little restaurant/bar that proclaimed live music on the chalk board outside. We sat outside on the patio and were looking forward to ordering drinks after a nice beach day.

We talked, enjoyed the breeze, and listened to the recorded music for a few minutes waiting to see if anyone would come over to take our order. We had both started to get a little antsy and were talking about whether we should go up to the bar and order our drinks, or even possibly leave (especially with the lack of proclaimed live music), when an older, blonde lady came over to us and began chatting.

We found out after a minute that she was the live act for the evening and had relocated from Nashville recently where she was a singer and song writer. I told her how much we were looking forward to the live music and that I did some singing myself as an amateur, but had no talent yet for song writing. She asked what genre I sang. I was a little taken aback, not having explicitly defined it for myself, and answered that I love rock music and singing in musicals. She then asked me what cover songs I knew. Again, stunned I was only able to stammer a little without an adequate answer.

Wow. Feeling inadequate much? Yes, this singer made me feel like a dilettante through perfectly reasonable questions, but simultaneously I felt drawn to her and was compelled to give her a big hug.

Hubby was confused about this and the singer answered his questioning look by saying we’re kindred spirits.

Umm…did you really just say what I was thinking?

While rare, meeting someone who is a stranger, but feels like a friend, HAS happened quite a few times in my life.  I believe that the universe will provide us with messages, encouragement, and helpful people to achieve our dreams.  Sometimes, these kindred spirits have become close and wonderful friends.  Sometimes, they pop in and provide a message, encouragement, or a chance for growth.  I don’t know if I’ll ever see this singer again, but I was left with key questions that need to be answered.  More importantly, I felt encouraged to continue doing things that I love like acting, singing and performing.

After a moment, she wandered off to talk to some more guests and hubby got up to get us our drinks. Eventually, I began to shiver from cold and we had just gotten up to leave when it was clear the entertainment was about to resume. The singer stopped us on our way out and said we couldn’t leave yet. I explained how cold I was getting and said I wished I could stay longer. She dialed down her CD and quickly started on an old Aretha number “Never Loved A Man” that she dedicated to me.

Thanks to luck and fate I not only met a kindred spirit, but I learned.  It helps to know what you like and what you don’t. If you’re not a song writer, or even if you are, there’s no shame in learning some great cover songs.

See you tomorrow, dear readers!

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