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To The Winner Goes the Cupcakes

My cupcake decorating experience up to now involved slathering icing on them and dousing with a few sprinkles as a kid.  Therefore, I was elated that my cupcake won in the “Scariest Cupcake” category at my work’s recent Cupcake Wars.

cupcake with skull, vampire and headstone

I endured some gentle ribbing from co-workers for bringing a big bag of stuff from home for the decorating.  What do you mean I’m competitive?  Competitive how?  Like I want to pulverize the competition?*

(I mean…*coff coff*…I simply want to be the best at what I do.)

I love food and the chance to use my hands, get messy and create something.  Creating this was SO much FUN!  I even grabbed some “blood” I had made for a cosplay last year and drizzled it over the graveyard for that extra touch of horror.

One of the “Scariest Cupcake” runners-up:

The winner in the “Most Creative” category:

alien made of cupcakes
We Come in Peace

I love how this person cut their cupcakes and stacked them to create the alien. 

At home later that night, I created a cupcake decorating station for hubby with some of the left overs from work.  As a consultant, he doesn’t get a chance to participate in fun activities at work, which he lamented when I messaged him that I had won.  We’ve had some really rocky times in our relationship lately.  I thought it would be nice to surprise him with something fun.  He was surprised and touched and had a blast decorating his cupcakes.  Wow, a relationship building moment over cupcakes.  Sweet.  Or sweets!

Decorated any cupcakes recently?  Were they “scary”?  Or Cake Wrecks scary? (Man, I love that site!)  Feel free to share!

*(For those that haven’t seen Goodfellas watch here…NSFW!)

2 thoughts on “To The Winner Goes the Cupcakes”

    1. Thanks! Enjoyed my decorating foray. Your page is nice. I love dreaming up new ways of decorating the house. Hubby gets tired of me rearranging the furniture. Now, where did the couch go?

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