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Newest Accolade

Planning for Game Warp has left little time for blogging over the last few weeks.



However, I did manage to snag one accolade this week.

I have officially been dubbed “the worst dog Mom in the world”.

The other night I was 85% asleep when Mr. came in and lay down in bed.

Mr – Is the dog inside?

Me – Yes, he’s under the bed.  See – snort, snort.

Mr – Are you sure?  I don’t hear him.

Me – ZZzzzz…..

Morning dawned and I made my slow, slumbering way into the living area.  The house seemed abnormally quiet.  I called the dog with no answer.  I then opened the front door to see a cream ball of fur rocket its way into the house.

In tribute to this event Mr. has made up this wonderful song:

There’s a chew-chew on the lawn

What’s he doing on the lawn?

Please don’t steal or run ov’r him

He’s just been forgotten

BTW, Mr. has been playing WAY too much Plants vs. Zombies.

And, I know they were channeling Shari Lewis and Lamb Chop when creating that song.  It gets completely stuck in my head.

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