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Two Little Words

Yesterday, I participated in an activity where we created two words that describe the core things that matter to us and encompass our way of interacting with the world.  Now, I don’t subscribe to the idea that only two words can describe you, but there were about 40 people in the room for whom these two words were eerily accurate.

Here’s the directions for playing this game yourself or with friends:

1 – Get a sheet of paper and number one through twenty  (***If you want to try the exercise STOP here!  Don’t read ahead until you are ready to participate.***)

Space filler – picture of baby cheetah and friend:

Image of Baby Cheetah and Lab Puppy
Kasi and Mtani

Turn the cute up to 11…’cause these two are off the cute chart.  They can be seen at Busch Gardens Tampa in the new Cheetah enclosure area by the new launch coaster Cheetah Hunt.  You can also vote for Kasi for cutest zoo baby here.  One…two…three….Awwwww!

2 – List 20 words that describe you.  Be honest and be selfish.  Think in terms of you only – this is not about the other people in your life.

3 – Limit yourself to 5 mins.

4 – Cross off 10 of your words so that you are left with 10 words.

5 – Cross off 3 more words so that you are left with 7 words.

6 – Divide these words in two and round up when crossing off.  You will be left with 3 words.

7 – Cross off 1 word.

8 – These are your two words.

While writing I was amazed at the number of lists near me that I spied with not all, but a LOT of negative words on them.  Sure, the facilitator told us to be honest, but I hope that most people think better of themselves than what was on their lists (I probably should have added nosy to the list!).  On the plus side, as we went around the room and shared it was encouraging to hear that the last 2 words for everyone were positive.

Here’s my list and the two final words that encompass me:

Image of List of Words
It's a-me, a-Mario!

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