The Family That...

Wait and See

Today, my father-in-law has surgery to remove another melanoma from his back.  Luckily, it’s shallow and very small.  I hope removing it won’t be much worse for him than one of the millions of biopsies he’s already been through, despite carrying the scary name, melanoma.

Last year he had a much deeper one removed from a different part of his back.  After the surgery we found out that it was a rare type of melanoma that normally doesn’t spread.  The one today is the real deal.  It’s the spreading, scary kind that ended up killing my grandma when I was eleven.

Every few months my father-in-law has another bit cut out of his face, neck or ears.  Mostly basal cell cancers but the sheer quantity leaves an impact.  Makes me afraid to verbalize what I know subconsciously – that no one is with us forever.  Makes me wonder how much longer I will be blessed with the love of this kind and wonderful second Father.

I regret the strange twist of biology that makes him susceptible to these cancers.  I hope with all my heart to enjoy his company for many, many more years.

Say your prayers and keep your fingers crossed for him.

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