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Owning the Geek Life

Last night I had a delicious dinner with my honey bear and then we saw the movie Paul.  Now, Mr. thought it was okay, but mentioned that he is sick to death of Seth Rogan.  That wasn’t a bother to me as I couldn’t pick Seth Rogan (not to mention Tom Cruise) out of a line-up, and he was only the voice of Paul.  I thought the movie was quite funny and literally laughed out loud in many spots.  The parts where they venture to the San Diego Comic-Con were so eerily, geekily realistic that they were just delightful.

Seeing the movie got me to thinking – are we (geeks) really that zany, that loony, that completely out-there, yet mostly unconcerned with what “normals” might think when at conventions?  Are geeks inclusive of everyone who has geek cred, yet almost gleefully exclusive of those who don’t speak the geek language?  My friends, I’m afraid the answer is yes.  I could identify and commiserate with all the quirks of those scenes and these two geeky, road-tripping, alien-befriending guys.  It’s not often that I see a movie that I can really, truly identify with, but this was one.

At my core, I’ve always been a geek, to the surprise and confusion of most of my family.  From the time I was old enough to read I’ve been devouring sci-fi / fantasy books at an alarmingly fast pace.  I was a member of the math and computer clubs.  I was a science nerd and smart, which led classmates to pick on me for my excellent grades.  I have a degree in Microbiology.  I really enjoy Calculus.

Thinking about these things reminded me of an article I recently read over at Own Your Beauty called “Don’t Apologize Just Own It”.  This article really hit home for me.  I actually HATE to apologize, and I intensely dislike when people apologize to me.  I used to get HOT when people apologized; luckily with age comes some patience, now it’s just a slow-burn.  Over the years, I’ve learned that in many cases other people expect an apology.  But it’s not something I do naturally.  When confronted with an apologizing friend I think to myself, “Don’t apologize to me just don’t do it again.”

In recent months and years, I’ve sometimes let others’ expectations of “apology” and how I should be affect my behavior.  I’ve apologized on occasion and even gracefully accepted the apologies of others.  I’ve tried to adjust and change and be cooperative.  But in some small way, this makes that part of me that is me just a little bit less me.  So, I’m going to reach out to that deep core inside and own a few things in my life with passion and strength and forget other people’s expectations for a while.

1. I am a geek.  I have always been a geek.  I like being a geek.

2. I’m smart. I’m probably smarter than you and could solve that problem in half the time it’s taking you.  And yes, your slowness is getting on my nerves.

3. I love to sing and dance.  I paint, draw, and create.  Yes, I have a brain.  That doesn’t stop me from loving these things despite what you’ve been telling me since I was a child.

4. I don’t care.  I’m selfish and I don’t care as much as you think I do about your problem.  You’re an adult.  Deal.  Yes, I’m a woman, but that doesn’t mean I have to care.  Being a woman does not automatically make me “nurturing”.

5. I’m not perfect.

Sorry, I’m not sorry.

Tell me what you’re owning today!

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