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The Mega

Saturday after working in the morning I popped over to MegaCon in Orlando.  I love going to conventions!  Like a true geek, I feel weird when the convention is over and I look around and see people not wearing costumes.  Why are all these people dressed in….jeans….and…t-shirts?  Now that’s weird.

Anyway – the convention – I went with my friends Nick and Kaye.  I dressed up like a character, Rockie Rocket, from my friend Nick’s novel.  We walked around doing some promotion for his series of three novels and looking for a model for his main character, Moonie, since the model he used before is no longer able to do it.

This is more challenging than you would think.

ME: Hello, beautiful lady with large bosoms.  My friend, comic-artist, and novelist is looking for a model.  I think you would be a great one.

LADY: What, umm…

ME: I promise you it is not skeevy at all.

LADY: My Dad only lets me out of the house for conventions.

ME: Great, an under 18 geek. *sigh*

Seriously, my friend is the sweetest, nicest gentleman and we did get a couple of people who were interested.  I hope one of the ladies we spoke to can do the modeling.  We’ll see!

Here’s some of the photos that I took at the convention.  I also included a few taken by Nick and my friend Kaye.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Head on over to my friend Kaye’s site for even more great photos from the convention –

There was also a cheer competition at the convention center making for some interesting moments.

SCANTILY CLAD CHEER 8 YEAR OLD: Excuse me, is that your real hair?

ME (while wearing purple wig): Absolutely.  100% natural.

All the rug-rats running around in skin-tight outfits led to some discussion as to whether young girls should be dressed in micro-mini skirts with bare midriffs.  I couldn’t argue against it seeing as how back in the day I had been in dance and color-guard.

Been there, done that.  Hello, skin-tight red spandex uniform.

These days, after getting older and missing out on too many gym appointments, I know which parts need to be covered when in costume.  But I don’t think my days of dance and skimpy costumes created any long-term negative consequences.  In fact, I would like to think that I gained an understanding of what looks good and WHAT DOES NOT.  Note to old guard instructor – satiny, gold palazzo pants with a gold crushed-velvet and sequined top will ALWAYS be on the  “What Not To Wear List” ’cause nobody, and I mean nobody, looks good in that.

Enough said.

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