There Goes the Neighborhood

Nuclear Boy

I’m tardy in posting on the horrible triple-threat to hit Japan recently.  I’m shocked, awed and dismayed by the disaster.  Yet, not entirely unprepared.  My hubby, who obsesses over history channel specials like “After the Pandemic” and shows like “The Walking Dead”, has helped me create our post-zombie/nuclear/terrorist-apocalypse plan.  I’m really thrilled that our attic crawl space has been decked out in zombie-proof style.  I mean, REALLY.

Zombie survival kit

All kidding aside, I am absolutely heart-broken by the tragedy in Japan.  I add my tiny voice to the millions already praying for the survivors.

Bless you and may you find peace and comfort in this time of sorrow.

What can we take away from this tragedy?

The failure of the nuclear cooling systems and back-up systems at the Fukushima Daiichi plant illuminates our own susceptibility and hubris in thinking that we can completely tame such wild and complicated systems.  Everything has a cost – BP Oil Spill anyone? – and we take what we can get while the getting is good.  Then mother nature has to come along and show us we are just silly little humans. *penny snatcher!*

It will be interesting to see if any energy policy changes are made in response to this crisis.  I see it as a problem with a two-part solution –

1 – Diversify energy sources.  This will vary according to where a person lives.  Your energy choices vary greatly depending on whether you live on the great, windy plains of Kansas or the sun-drenched hills of California.

2 – Use less energy.  If I learned anything from my years of crunching numbers and talking personal finance with folks it’s that when you’re in a deficit you can only get out by cutting back.  I believe this also holds true on the energy front.  From driving your car to electrifying your house the only way to conserve what we have and make future resources last is by cutting our usage.  Tough, tough message to hear.  Even tougher to implement.

With all that said, this video was so cute and weird I just had to share.  Enjoy!

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