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Hard Rockin’

Friday night I went out with some friends to eat dinner and do some gambling at the Seminole Hard Rock.  We were celebrating my friend’s birthday in style.

That’s right, whales coming through people…step aside…step aside.

My friend decided to eat at Rock N’ Raw, the rock n’ roll sushi joint on the second floor.

Light fixture with bubbles and rainbow colored rods

On the way upstairs to the restaurant I noticed this gorgeous piece of architecture.  I absolutely love it!  I have a small obsession with bubbles, and the iridescent rods just add to the overall gorgeousness of the piece.

Did this serve as the inspiration for one of Lady Gaga’s infamous outfits?

I arrived at the restaurant a few minutes late and everyone else had already ordered.  The group was sitting at a large, communal-style table made for about 30 people.  Our group probably took up about half this table.

Here’s where the story gets interesting.  Unknown to us, this restaurant prides itself on refusing diners chairs and/or letting them order.

Weird behavior for a restaurant, RIGHT?  Riiiight.

Our waiter, Fred**, was darting and dashing around like a butterfly.  When he finally noticed I had arrived I was told something about how I couldn’t have a seat because other people were waiting.  The first time he said this it was at 5 miles an hour mumbled under his breath as he was passing us.  Being a bit slow that day I was oblivious and still trying to flag down Fred and get a chair while my friend was patting her chair and talking about how we could share.  I spied a couple empty chairs and sweet talked two Chinese gentlemen out of one of them.

Phase One – Collect chairs

Phase Two – ??

Phase Three – Profit

Phase One accomplished, we then ask for a menu and receive one along with another garbled protest about my chair, people waiting, etc.  I’m thinking, man, I fought and won my chair in the heated Battle of Charm and Chairs, shouldn’t I have earned the right to order?  Fred then alludes to the fact that this is the manager’s decision.  Woah!  Stop the presses!!

Fred, can you really be serious about this?  If so, this is the craziest restaurant policy I know.  I ask to see the manager then instead – as I’ve just spotted them – walk over to have a “nice” chat.  After a few minutes discussion with the manager, with Fred still hovering like a butterfly and mumbling about people waiting, the manager decides it’s cool for me to have a chair and more importantly part with a little of my hard-earned greenbacks by ordering food.

Fred became my new best friend.  My food came out lightning fast.  My drink was always full.  Now that’s more like it.

Friends at the Hard Rock Casino

The group proceeded downstairs for some hot 2¢ slot action where Karma prevailed.  Phase Three was achieved when I won over $400 on the slots.  This was a far, FAR cry from my original goal of only losing $25 for a few hours of entertainment.



**names have been changed to protect the not-so-innocent.

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