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Painting of the Month: February 2011

Who knew being an artist was such hard work?  I ticked off each day on the calendar as the month progressed but got no closer to an inspiration for, or even commencement of, the February painting.  February taunted me with its shortness of days, cattle trebuchet and gaseous emissions.

After several cycles of depression and repeated bouts of staring until cross-eyed, I finally had an idea!  I had just purchased and put up some test paint samples in the living and dining rooms.  I love cruising the paint department and picking up oops paint when I can.

I recently started buying the sample-sized paint in the jars with the screw on lids and I decided that this month’s challenge would be to create a painting using only oops paint.

I also decided not to mix the samples.  I chose to use them only in the hue that came straight out of the jar or can.

I’m not a huge fan of abstract art, but it was kind of neat to see how several globs of colors bled and ran together while the paint was wet.

As an homage to Jackson Pollock I also didn’t let the brush touch the canvas other than for my signature.  Instead the paint was flicked, flung and drizzled onto the canvas.

If you ever find this in a dumpster, I’m pretty sure you will be able to sell it for a couple of million.

Hope you like it!

3 thoughts on “Painting of the Month: February 2011”

  1. The colors complement each other well. I love this method of painting. There is just a feeling of satisfaction of letting the paint dribble and flow wherever it lands, and making a controlled mess always makes me feel like a little kid again. Great painting!

    1. Thanks! I agree completely. I enjoyed making a mess while creating it. Talking about being a kid again – for a minute I was sorely tempted to create a finger painting instead. Ultimately, I decided to save that one for another month. I’m glad you’re enjoying my creations. 🙂

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