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The List

Inspired by my friend, fellow scare-actor and blogger over at Reenie Keen is Dead and Gone, I created my own version of the ever-so affectionately named “Bucket List”.  Maybe I’m getting old.  Maybe I’m just interested in getting stuff done.

Regardless, I’ve collected my list of things I want to do before I kick it.  Half-depressing, half-inspiring, but always interesting.  Let’s just think about it as the list of things I’d like to do while living.  Yep.  That helps.  See.  Brain has stopped quivering.

Not so long ago, I found this version of the list:

I’m guessing I wrote this out around 2000.  It looks like at some point I even went back and put a check-mark next to those I had done.  *pats self on back*

My current version can be found at the top under “The List”.  Check it out!

Do you have your own list?  Do you love it and pet it and call it List?  I’d love to see some items from your list in the comments!

4 thoughts on “The List”

  1. I do have a list. Some of my faves that I’ve checked off are: finishing a marathon, swimming with Whale Sharks, and getting in the Guinness World Book of Records. Good luck with your list and feel free to visit my blog to get some ideas for your list!

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