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Cloning Myself

With tax season in full swing, working, volunteering, starting work on a huge mystery project, a painting to be done, and impending home improvement tasks, I’ve reached the point where it would be awesome to have a clone.

Do you hear that scientists?

Can you please come up with a human clone already?

How awesome would it be to be able to say to my clone –

Clone, any chance you can:

Do that laundry over there?

Wash the dishes that have been in the sink since last Tuesday.  Altogether now…Ewww!!!

Mail out this stuff?

File this pile of paperwork that looks like the Leaning Tower of Piza?  Or is it pizza?  Seriously, are those pizza boxes?

Walk the dog?

Paint the living room?

Vacuum the office?

Et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.

Daydreaming about a helper clone, I contemplate the awesome feeling of spending time on absolutely NOTHING.  I dance among the clouds.  I sing with the sparrows.

Oh, what a beautiful morning…oh, what a beautiful day….I’ve got a beautiful feeling…

I plummet back to reality.  With my luck my clone would become addicted to World of Warcraft and I’d have to wait for a spirit bear to spawn before the clone would take out the garbage.  If that’s not bad enough, remember the fate of that guy in the movie where each clone comes out a little less intelligent than the last.  Let us also not forget the end result of the creation of a clone army.  Clone Wars.  The end of the Jedi.  The rise of the Sith.

On second thought, I realize that life without a clone isn’t too bad.

I will be resourceful.

I will do more with less.

I will find ways to streamline and simplify my task list.

**racks shotgun**

The dishes are done, man!

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