Death and Taxes

The Tax Man Cometh

Tax season has been in full swing for a couple of weeks now.  Besides being a harbinger of sheer exhaustion, tax season can at times try one’s patience.  I’m in charge of a site that employs volunteer tax preparers.  I get paid to run the site, but the rest of the preparers

Bless them!  Some because they are retired and want to have something to do.  Others because they are students and need the hours for school.  I’ve been doing this now for six years and each year I simultaneously love tax season and loathe it.

Things to love:

1 – Helping people out by providing a necessary service.  It’s cool to help people with something that for the vast majority seems to be worse than grabbing a live rattle snake.

2 – Working with a great crew of volunteers.  On the whole, my volunteers are fabulous.  Fun, interesting and wonderful people who make the time spent working fly by.

3 – Getting to meet new people.  I love this one!  Anyone that knows me, knows I like to gab.  Since the husband cringes when I strike up a conversation with the check out person or random other shopper this gives me a perfect cover story for having conversations with strangers.

Things to loathe:

1 – Unruly or ungrateful tax payers.  Hey!  It’s a FREE service.  If you don’t like it pop on down to a paid preparer and shell out some serious money for the same privilege.

2 – Money, money, money….money.  MONEY!  Sorry, I don’t have a magic wand that gets you thousands more in refund.  You made $300 and you’re getting back $3000.  Really?!  <—hyperbole

3 – Screaming, running, crying kids.  It’s a tax appointment not a babysitters’ convention.  Must you bring your children to this?

4 – What do you mean my spouse needs to be here?  You’re married.  You’re filing a return together.  Don’t you think your spouse deserves to know what your joint tax return says?

5 – You mean I need my social security card, W-2, check for direct deposit, etc, etc, etc, etc?  *thunks head on desk*  I’m not Miss Cleo.  I don’t have access to your personal information via the psychic network.  If I need to know something, please bring some information with you.  I’ll do the best I can to help, but I can only use what you bring me.

That’s all from the trenches for now.  Stay tuned for more!

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