Painting of the Month

Painting of the Month: January 2011

New Year’s in all its glory serves as our collective, requisite time for resolutions, challenges and self-improvement.  I don’t make resolutions often but this year I chose to challenge myself creatively and artistically.  Reflecting on my childhood can bring joy or tears depending on the topic (maybe more on that someday).  In this case, reflection brought a moment of puzzlement.

I thought back to all the time I spent drawing, painting, writing and crafting and began to wonder what had happened to that spark?  Was I only here to crunch-numbers (especially apropos at tax time)?  Could I re-engage that side of my brain?  I had hardly lifted a brush or pen or finished a needlework project in years.

My brain bounced around some thoughts – my artist friend who works in cardboard, an article about a man who had died but who left behind a picture each day of their life, a friend whose artist wife created a painting a day while her husband was deployed – and from this produced the Painting of the Month Project (POM).

While I admire the ambition of those that can create something each day, I wanted to be realistic and challenge myself with something attainable.  Yes, I sing and act, both creative activities, but they are activities that allow you to add your interpretation to a foundation that already exists.  I wanted to imagine and create anew.

No, I don’t expect to be the next Da Vinci or Picasso although I can always hope!  I do this to improve at the things I love.  I took an art class once and the teacher always said, “If you don’t like it – keep painting.”  Meaning, the more you work on it the better it becomes.  Like training for a marathon for runners.

After a tough start and painter’s block I finished the January painting at the 11th hour.

I would have liked to share sooner.  And I was sorely tempted.  Please don’t ask me to keep secrets; it’s torture!  But I worked really hard to keep this under wraps. I painted it as an homage to my husband and didn’t want word to leak out to him.

We were married on Yacht StarShip.  Stars are wishes and important people.  Stars are dreams and hopes.  Just like my beloved.

Detail of the heart:

Hope you enjoy!  Who else out there has creative hobbies?  Do you do anything to foster that? I’d love to see links to your work in the comments!

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